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How Personal Trainers Can Stop Trading Time For Money

Stop Trading Dollars for Hours with Eric Bach - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast

Whether it’s at an office desk or on the gym floor, the daily grind of hourly work gets old. Sure, some people manage to work a superhuman quantity of hours each week and come away with good money. But what about the quality of that work? Is it providing something of true, lasting value to the client? 

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How to Turn Your Gym Business Dream and Vision into Reality

Turning Your Gym Business Vision into Reality with Steve Grant - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast

Thinking of starting your own gym? Trying to grow and improve your existing business? With so much competition in the marketplace, running a successful gym is not simply a matter of setting up a facility and watching the money roll in. All things being equal, what makes or breaks a small business is its ability to connect personally with customers and inspire employees.

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How Personal Trainers Can Create Multiple Streams of Income and Find Financial Freedom

How To Avoid The Time-Money Trap Of One-To-One Personal Training with Chris Dufey - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast

When personal trainers are just beginning in the industry, they often find themselves working around 60 hours-a-week on one-to-one training with clients. Because these trainers are only earning when they are with their clients, they fall into a time-money trap where their income is tied to the schedule of their clients. This can cause trainers to neglect themselves and their loved ones as they find themselves constantly in the gym and training people in order to earn money.

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How to Optimise Your Landing Page for Increased Conversions

Every business wants and needs more customers for it to continue to run successfully and grow. Customer acquisition can be done through various means and one of them is through landing pages. In order to maximise conversion rates of your landing pages, you need to have a solid understanding of what landing pages are, why we might incorporate them into our digital marketing strategy and how to optimise them. 

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Secrets to Becoming a Powerful Leader in the Fitness Industry

Learning To Become A Leader, with Jonathan Bowman-Perks - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast

It's only natural for every personal trainer to want to have as much influence and success in the fitness industry as possible. However, many personal trainers don't really know how to go about becoming leaders who command respect and high incomes. There are certain plans that you can put in place in order to maximise your earning potential and influence in the fitness world.

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