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Why Entrepreneurs Should Learn Design Skills

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important investments I make is in my own learning. Having spent a year running a content marketing consultancy, I’ve learned more than I ever would have imagined about my clients’ pain points, the legalities of growing a new venture, and even accounting.

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How Content Marketing Can Improve Fitness & Wellness Businesses

How is content marketing different from all the other types of marketing? It helps to think of content marketing as a smarter, more surgical discipline than traditional marketing. Traditional marketers lacked nuanced tools, so they just threw everything up against the wall and hoped something would stick. That approach basically amounted to using a blunt object instead of a scalpel to perform surgery. No matter how brilliant the campaign, if it never reached the right audience, it could only be so effective.

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3 Free Online Courses to Improve Your Marketing Game

Have you ever marvelled at great marketing strategies and practices and wondered where you could learn something similar to improve your business? With the trend of online learning growing steadily over the past decade and exploding in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, the plethora of online courses has continued to grow, with many of them being completely free. 

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5 Design Tools & Resources to Help You Create Social Media Visuals That Stand Out

The next time you scroll through your feed on social media, notice how only specific kinds of posts will stand out enough for you to stop and look at it. Everyday, businesses are competing against thousands of other businesses for the attention of their followers on social media platforms. What this means for you as a business owner, is that aside from generating social media posts that are strong in terms of the content it conveys, creating ones that are visually appealing is equally as important. 

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