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In a previous article, we covered 5 Reasons Why Flexible Space Rental is Most Beneficial to Your SME’s Bottom Line. While it’s clear that coworking has its monetary perks, it doesn’t end there! 

And as coworking spaces have evolved over the years, fitness and wellness entrepreneurs will be glad to know that coworking is no longer only limited to desk-bound start-ups as some have opened up replacing traditional meeting rooms with group fitness studios, office suites with consultation and treatment rooms and hot desks with fully-equipped gyms. 

Today we’re discussing 5 ways that fitness and wellness business owners can benefit from coworking. 

1. Freedom & Flexibility 

Fitness and wellness professionals who are or have been employed by commercial gyms or large corporations probably know what it’s like to feel comfortable with their job. However, we’ve heard it before - real growth happens the moment you step out of your comfort zone - and for some, this happens when they break free and become responsible for their own company. 

Fitness and wellness coworking spaces provide budding entrepreneurs with a place to start up their own personal training, group fitness class or wellness business with freedom and flexibility - all while minimising risk so they can take flight and reach all new heights! 

2. Networking 

With many other like-minded members (whom moving forward we will refer to as residents) parking their businesses under a single space, coworking encourages a sense of community.  This means that meeting new professionals, established entrepreneurs or business owners within your industry has never been easier and there can be so much to gain from strengthening your business network.

3. Collaboration & Learning 

Through regular community events and initiatives to facilitate collaboration, residents of coworking spaces are able to develop  relationships with others that serve as an avenue for mutually beneficial partnerships and be part of an environment where there is constant growth, engagement and exchanging of ideas. 

Whether you’re a professional partnering with someone of the same discipline, or one engaging in cross-collaboration with one from a completely different discipline, there are plenty of ways that you can boost your business’ offerings by collaborating. For example, by creating more valuable fitness and wellness packages for your existing clients or even increasing your client base through cross-referrals. 

4. Support 

In addition to the support that you can receive from building relationships with other residents, some coworking spaces offer other backend support services too. For example, Core Collective - a fitness and wellness coworking space in Singapore, offers marketing support to their residents by allowing them to tap into their social media or EDM database to maximise their exposure and marketing efforts. 

5. Environment & Ambiance 

Work environment has a lot to do with one’s productivity and level of inspiration. Coworking spaces are typically intentionally designed to accommodate both productivity and inspiration with intangibles such as music, natural light and overall ambiance. These don’t only affect you as a resident of the space, but also guarantees a pleasant overall experience for your clients who come and use your service at the space.

Are you a fitness or wellness business owner looking for a coworking space to run your business? 

Core Collective is building centres of excellence where the best fitness and wellness professionals collaborate to deliver better service and results for our customers, all under one roof. We help you grow by providing best-in-class support services and facilities, and by fostering collaboration and professional development opportunities.

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