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Food & Nutrition (2)

Traditional Chinese Medicine: 3 Homemade Herbal Tea Recipes to Naturally Boost Your Immunity

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, there's been a growing influx of people who have leaned towards more natural remedies to help boost their immune system. Many, especially in oriental Asian countries, have turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat symptoms of cold, cough, and flu. But what is it about TCM that makes it a preferred choice of treatment especially at this current moment?

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Top 3 Nutrition Trends To Try Out for Optimal Health & Wellbeing

Nutrition plays a huge role in optimising our health and wellbeing; whether it’s to reach a healthy weight goal, build our immunity or fight certain diseases that we’re predisposed to. There’s a reason why certain nutrition trends emerge and it’s because we’re constantly discovering ways in which the food we eat can positively impact our overall health and well-being. 

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Sports Nutritionist Shares 4 Ways to Eat Your Favourite Foods While Trying to Lose Weight

“I’ll eat healthy, starting from tomorrow!”

We’ve all heard this one before. Whether they’re words that have come from your own mouth or that of a family or friend’s. We can pretty much predict what happens from this point onwards. A premium master plan is drawn out to lose 5kg in the next two months by restricting all favourite, processed, macro-unfriendly meals and snacks. After all, you’re dead set on your new plan and you’re determined to shed all the unwanted fats off the charts! 

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