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What is Nutrigenomics? 

Thanks to advancements in Nutritional Sciences, we now know that our genes play an important role in how our lifestyle and diet affects our health. Nutrigenomics is a new paradigm based on the scientific principles of biochemistry. It studies the relationship between genes, nutrition and health.

With over 24,000 genomes making up a person’s unique genetic profile, DNA tests are able to identify each individual’s genetic predispositions and help us understand how our genetic differences affect the way our bodies respond to nutrients and naturally occurring compounds in the food, beverages and supplements we consume. With the information extracted from DNA testing, doctors are able to truly personalise nutrition approaches tailored appropriately to suit each individual.

“Genes load the gun; lifestyle pulls the trigger.” 

Nutrigenomics can benefit people in a number of ways, from preventing illnesses and treating those with existing illnesses, to simply achieving optimum health, wellness and vitality. 

Read on to find out some of the many ways that Nutrigenomics can benefit you from the experts at NutraNourish.

How can Nutrigenomics benefit me? 

Health Management

Each gene is significantly involved with the way that the body metabolizes a certain nutrient of dietary component. Genetic testing provides the following information to help develop strategies and recommendations to optimise well-being and health: 

    • Specific metabolic pathways that may require extra support 
    • The certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs 
    • How you can reduce cholesterol levels through diet
    • Indication of your degree of susceptibility to carcinogens (substances capable of causing cancer) from your diet 
    • Detoxification potential for the removal of harmful substances from your body 
    • Insulin sensitivity which plays an important role in many common disorders such as type-2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease 
    • Inflammation imbalances which are associated with an increasing number of disorders such as arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease    

The recommendations given after the examination of your genetic profiling include personalised lifestyle and diet choices, as well as supplementation to offset any nutritional deficits. These are beneficial for good health, longevity and even disease risk mitigation.


Weight Management 

If you’ve ever tried to follow the exact same diet that your friend who lost 10 pounds did, but have failed to see the same results, you’re probably wondering what you could be doing wrong.

While there can be several factors that could affect weight regulation, your genes are one of the few that could explain the difference in your ability to lose or gain weight as compared to someone else. 

Our genes are involved in the regulation of energy expenditure, appetite and fat metabolism. This means they are highly associated with our body weight, body mass index and how your body responds to diet and exercise. 

Nutrigenomics helps weight management by: 

  • Providing the most effective diet and exercise plans for weight management based on your genetic make-up 
  • Understanding why previous weight management plans have been unsuccessful 
  • Providing insight into which type of diet is most suitable for you based on your genotype

Sports Performance

Whether you’re a recreational athlete or an elite performance athlete, nutrigenomics can be of use to you. Our knowledge of gene variations allows us to have a better understanding of the biological areas in our body that impact our training responsiveness and sporting performance. These include energy and fuel production and metabolism during exercise to name a few. 

By having knowledge of these gene variations, we are able to influence key biological areas  to exploit any genetic advantages and identify weaknesses that can be supported by effective diet and training strategies. 

Nutrigenomics can provide information to optimise:

  • Power and endurance 
  • Tendon pathology and injury risk 
  • Recovery 
  • Athletic potential 
  • Key training principles


Mental Health 

Our genes are also associated with our mind. Knowledge of one’s particular genotype provides a diagnostic insight into:

  • Neurodegenerative disorders such as mild cognitive decline and late-onset Alzheimer's disease  
  • Mood disorders such as depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder 
  • Addictive behaviour towards alcohol, nicotine, eating and adrenaline-seeking 

Through the identification of genetic variants, we are given diagnostic insight which assists in developing the most optimal treatment strategies for those who are suffering or at risk for the above disorders or behaviours.

What to expect in Nutrigenomics-based treatments? 

A consult will guide you through a systematically organised, customised genetic interpretation, lifestyle and nutrition suggestions, as well as appropriate ‘epigenetic’ nutritional supplementation to help your body heal naturally, and avoid any future issues such as the ones listed, but not limited to those listed above.

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