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Holiday Activities for Kids to Enjoy During the Christmas Break in Singapore

For most of us this year, the Christmas holiday will be spent here in Singapore but that's not to say the kids can't enjoy a jolly good break! 

Why not consider some (or maybe even all) of these fun and exciting children's activities and programmes? We guarantee they'll have your child not only creating lots of wonderful memories during this holiday, but also staying well stimulated and active throughout it!

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Did Strangers Become Friends? Table For Two’s Social Experiment Round-Up

Friend /frɛnd/ (noun): one who listens; doesn’t judge and somehow makes everything all right. 

In early June, we shared about Table For Two’s social experiment which invited a group of ladies and men to participate in a social experiment, From Strangers to Friends, a curated one-on-one virtual meeting. Participants were matched based on age groups and results from a short personality test.

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