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Letting Go Of Negativity to Achieve Your Goals as a Personal Trainer

Letting Go Of Negativity, with Sedona Method Guru Tim McCavitt - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast 


Many of us hold onto negative thoughts and feelings, which hold us back in our lives. These negative emotions can prevent us from realising our full potential. This negativity may affect one area or several, whether that is our personal relationships, our work, or our attitude towards money.

We become attached to our problems, rather than seeing them as a separate entity to ourselves. Learning how to let go of these negative emotions, doubts and fears will help us achieve our goals in life. Once we are able to do this consistently, then as personal trainers we can help our clients do the same. This will allow our clients to look at their weight loss goals objectively, rather than becoming wrapped up in a cycle of negativity.

The Sedona Method is a way of simply letting go of negative feelings and impulses

– Tim McCavitt

About Tim McCavitt

Tim McCavitt is one of the world’s leading experts on the Sedona Method. Through seminars and one-to-one training, he harnesses the power of this method in order to help people improve themselves by letting go of their attachment to certain impulses or negative feelings.

He first came across the method in 1978, when he was just 27 years-old. He learned the fundamentals of Sedona from the method’s founder Lester Levenson.

Using the techniques that the Sedona Method encompasses, Tim has been able to forge successful careers in several different areas. These have included acting, production and real estate.

Together with his wife, he has been teaching the method for the last 10 years as Sedona Releasing Worldwide. The seminars and one-to-one calls are designed to equip people with the tools that they need in order to start letting go of negative feelings and welcoming an overall feeling of positivity.

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Show Highlights

  • How Tim came to discover the Sedona Method and what he learned under the tutelage of founder Lester Levenson

  • How people hold onto negative feelings to an extent where they see themselves as attached to this negativity.

  • How people can ask themselves certain questions in order to get rid of this negativity and to welcome positivity

  • Why the Sedona Method is something that can be practised every day and in every area of someone’s life.

Sedona has nothing to do with anything but tapping into a natural ability that we all have as human beings to let go of any negative unwanted feeling

– Tim McCavitt

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