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How to Get Started in Online Personal Training

Learn About The Possibilities Of Online Personal Training, With Jon Goodman - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast


Communication is easier than ever before. Computers and the Internet allow us to reach out to people around the globe from the comfort of our own homes and offices.

Traditionally, personal training has been confined to the gym in face-to-face sessions or in the privacy of a client’s home. Today, personal trainers are turning to online training as a way to build up a nationwide and international client bases. 

Many trainers make the transition to conducting online courses without a clear idea of what this involves. What if there was a way to gain the necessary knowledge to become a world-class online trainer?

The Online Trainer Academy provides just that. The creator, Jon Goodman, aims to equip trainers with the tools they need in order to create a successful online training business and avoid common pitfalls. The course is fully certified, which gives online trainers legitimacy in the eyes of potential and existing clients.

I teach people the business aspects of gaining clients online and building up a solid business structure

– Jon Goodman

About Jon Goodman

Jon Goodman loves to exercise, hates bad socks, and considers himself a key lime pie connoisseur. He is the creator of the Personal Trainer Development Center (the PTDC) and the Online Trainer Academy. 

He writes about personal training, enjoys philosophising and experimenting with new media, and has sold tens of thousands of copies of his books, training programs and courses. He has also been featured in Men’s Health, Schwarzenegger.com, Muscle & Fitness, and Forbes amongst others. 

Originally from Toronto, Jon spends his winters exploring the world.

Connect with Jon on Facebook or drop him an email.

Show Highlights 

  • How The Online Trainer Academy helps people to become online trainers

  • The benefits of online training for clients, trainers and gym owners

  • Why face-to-face training and online training is completely different

  • The difference between seeking out a mentor and hiring a coach

Being able to say to clients that you are a certified online trainer immediately puts you ahead of somebody else who just says that they can train that person online

– Jon Goodman

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