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Techniques and Strategies for Personal Trainers to Increase Your Chances of Closing a Sale

Successful High-End Sales Consulting Recording - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast


As a personal trainer, being exceptionally skilful at training your clients alone isn’t sufficient enough to give all the other trainers in the market a run for their money. Think about it like this … A cheque for $1,000,000 has potential value, but unless you have the means to get to a bank then that value is inaccessible. The same goes with your prospecting - because while each prospect is worth a potential value, without the ability to convert them into clients as an effective salesperson, you’re really as good as that someone trying to attain an inaccessible million dollars!

Just imagine that you’ve found an interested prospect who has taken the initiative to reach out to you via direct message over Facebook or Instagram. Jackpot! An absolute waste it would be to squander the opportunity as a result of your negligence and inability to close it! 

Being able to effectively close sales isn’t a skill that comes naturally to everyone, but there are ways and processes that you can follow to increase your probability of closing a sale. In this podcast, I share with you a real-life sales consultation call so you can understand the process of selling yourself and your personal training services effectively. 

Show Highlights 

  • How to lead and be in control of the conversation 

  • How to frame questions to help you help your client identify pain points that lead them to wanting your service

  • Setting yearly goals as a strategy to have them stick around with you in the long-term  

  • Overcoming buyers’ remorse 

  • How to overcome objections before they become an objection 

  • How to present your training packages to increase the likelihood of them buying 

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