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Using Emotional Mind Hacks To Become A Better Personal Trainer

Learn How To Use Emotional Mind Hacks In Order To Become A Better Trainer, With Pete Cohen - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast 

Learn How To Use Emotional Mind Hacks In Order To Become A Better Trainer, With Pete Cohen - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast

It can be argued that the fitness industry only goes skin deep. That is, the industry only focuses on body image and the aesthetics of staying physically fit and healthy. The mental side of personal fitness is largely ignored. This can lead to trainers feeling like they are unable to relate to clients properly. This can also cause problems for people in their personal lives. How can trainers improve the way they think about themselves and the way they view fitness?

The best way to understand the human condition is to speak to people

– Pete Cohen

About Pete Cohen

Pete Cohen is one of the world’s leading keynote speakers on the subject of psychology. He has worked with high-profile clients, including the Arsenal football team during the time that they won the Premier League title whilst going unbeaten as “The Invincibles”, snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan and runner Roger Black. He has also worked closely with BUPA in delivering training to fitness coaches about how they can deliver more effective weight-loss programmes.

Currently, he is running the Fitness Mindset Academy. This programme aims to equip trainers will the mental tools they need to get the best results with their clients. Pete believes that the current focus on physicality and outward appearance in the fitness industry could actually be harming personal trainers’ chances of feeling fulfilled in themselves and delivering the best service they can to their clients.

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Show Highlights

  • Pete talks about his success with previous clients, including the Arsenal football team

  • How the fitness industry has an over-reliance on physical results and neglects the mental strategies that trainers need to have a balanced outlook on fitness 

  • How personal trainers can focus on their mindset in order to deliver a better service to their clients

  • How personal and financial freedom can be achieved by using these mind hacks

The majority of people in our industry, they don’t really go anywhere and many of them fall by the wayside and maybe a lot of that has to do with the simple fact that they don’t have a strong vision of where they are going"

– Pete Cohen

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