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How A Better Understanding Of Masculinity Can Make You A Better Man

How A Better Understanding Of Masculinity Can Make You A Better Man, With Ryan Michler - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast

14_Image_1How A Better Understanding Of Masculinity Can Make You A Better Man, With Ryan Michler - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast

In the Western world, we have lost some sense of what it means to be masculine. If we look back at the generations that our fathers and grandfathers grew up in, the expectations placed on them as men were different to many of the expectations in the modern era. For example, our grandfathers were likely expected to serve in the armed forces or take up a labour-intensive job at a very young age. What has changed? And can having a better understanding of the historical expectations of what it meant to be “masculine” make us better men today? 

If you are doing things that are in conflict with the way that you view life or the things that are valuable to you – you need to make a change

- Ryan Michler

About Ryan Michler

Ryan is a personal coach who founded The Order Of Man to help people understand what it means to be masculine and what it takes to be a man. His aim is for men to use this information to improve their lives in order to become better sons, husbands, fathers and business people. Ultimately, he wants men to reclaim their sense of self-mastery.

He grew up without a permanent father figure. One of his stepdads was abusive, whilst the other one was an alcoholic who was not always present for Ryan. This shaped his view that when he grew up, he would be there for his loved ones and his community.

A few years ago, his preoccupation with work and his inability to deal with anger issues almost lead to the collapse of his marriage. After a period of introspection, he was able to realise that he had to take responsibility for his own sense of self-mastery and to truly become the man that he thought he was. This meant that he had to become a better father to his children and a better husband to his wife.

This lead him to create The Order Of Man, which aims to create discourse around everything related to masculinity and manhood. Whether it is related to money, relationships or fatherhood, Ryan is determined to share his experience with others who may be searching for answers.

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Show Highlights

  • Ryan discusses how his upbringing shaped his view of masculinity and his responsibilities as a man.

  • He speculates how his life would have differed if he had a male role model in his life.

  • How many men feel disconnected because they are unsure of what is means to be masculine.

  • How discussing problems in an open way can allow men to develop and define their own sense of masculinity.

  • Why a coach can help men make sense of what it means to be truly masculine.

Creating margins in your life is really going to help you improve before it gets to a situation that’s out of your hands

- Ryan Michler

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