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systemise your fitness business

How Harnessing The Power Of Systems Can Help Personal Trainers Succeed, with Jodi Rumack - PT COREntrepreneur


Personal trainers spend so much time pondering fitness programmes and nutrition that they tend to neglect putting enough planning into their business. So, they often deploy trial-and-error business techniques that end up being super inefficient and simply don’t work. 

Trying different approaches is totally fine. The issue comes when people continue to copy something someone else is doing because it’s “supposed to work” but it isn’t working for them. They lose money because energy and resources are being put into something that isn’t generating a return.

What if there was a way to systemize every part of your business so that you can thrive as a personal trainer, gym manager or studio owner? This would free up your time so that you can focus as much energy as possible on expanding your client base and your services. Jodi Rumack helps businesses thrive by harnessing the power of systems.

“I work with different clubs, studios, and in-home personal training businesses as well, to help them maximise their business. I basically take everything that they are doing right now and tweak it by putting in systems that work”

– Jodi Rumack

About Jodi Rumack

Over the last sixteen years, Jodi has hired, trained and developed 1000+ personal trainers and managers across Canada; she has broken company records for GoodLife Fitness and PT Sales, which is the largest fitness club chain in Canada.

She has consulted with facilities to increase their revenue by 300+ percent, and has built teams and driven sales in clubs which has generated $800,000 a year. She’s been recognised as one of the top 500 employees at GoodLife Fitness.

Show Highlights

  • Jodi explains how every part of your business can be systemized to make it more efficient
  • How effective organisation, punctuality and presentation are crucial if personal trainers want to get hired by a gym
  • Why hiring social media managers, virtual assistants and bookkeepers should come before hiring personal trainers when you are starting your own studio
  • Why cafes, shops and restaurants are great places to find employees for your gym
  • How your business can benefit from hiring trainers who possess qualifications other than a PT Cert
  • How to onboard new employees successfully with goal-setting, training and job profiling
  • Why prompt feedback is important to help your trainers improve
  • Why gym owners should help long-term employees who want to open their own business
  • Why gym owners should help trainers focus on their own personal revenue goals than the revenue of the business

“You need to have systems because the small business owners are doing things on the fly every single time without taking the time to analyze what’s working and what isn’t, which will help them plan for the months/year ahead.”

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In the next episode, we're joined by Steve Grant as he talks about how you can turn your gym business vision into reality. We discuss the importance of creating a compelling and exciting vision. Steve also shares the ‘six-step blueprint’ to differentiating your brand. 

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