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Spruce Up Your Wellness Business' Office Space for Better Productivity and Customer Experience (Part 1)

Small business owners will have to take control of multiple aspects of their business including marketing, sales, finance and accounting (just to name a few). When you have the responsibility of wearing so many hats, it’s easy to oversee some of the more minute details that could make a huge impact on not only your own productivity in your work place but also in the way that your customers perceive your business. 

Here are some tips to sprucing up your wellness business’ office space to enhance your own productivity and your customers’ experience!

Make your company’s mission statement or values visible  


Whether you work alone or with a team, displaying your company’s mission statement can act as a daily reminder to every one of the role that they play to help the business achieve its goals and objectives. 

Similarly, displaying your company values is a reminder to you and your employees of what is expected of them and what should be delivered to your customers. You will also benefit from customers knowing your company values and what you stand for. A study by Harvard Business Review found that 64 percent of consumers cited shared values as a primary reason for building a strong brand relationship - by far the largest driver.

Get rid of office clutter 

Consider having to complete a task when your space is unorganised, messy and physically uncomfortable because of clutter around you. Having a clean, open and uncluttered space can lead to improved comfort and greater productivity for you and your team. 

Having a presentable space is also important for creating a favourable impression of your clients that you should be consistently trying to build relationships with. As a wellness professional, think about how your customers will perceive you and your ability to look after their health and wellbeing if you can’t even manage yourself and your space!

Incorporate plants and flowers 

Adorn your windowsill with Succulents, drape flower vines from little pots across your hallway, or make a bold statement with a giant Monstera plant pot. Plants are a great and inexpensive way to bring your office space to life. Besides serving an aesthetic purpose, plants are also known to improve concentration and productivity by up to 15 percent. Numerous studies have also found psychological and physiological benefits of going green in the office such as reduced tension and anxiety, depression, anger, and fatigue. 

Healthy snack pantry 

Having snacks readily available at your workplace can come in handy when you experience pangs of hunger or low energy levels throughout the day, which can reduce your productivity and focus. 

As a wellness professional, practice what you preach by promoting healthy options in the pantry for your employees and customers. While it may not seem like a huge deal to select healthier options of snacks for your pantry, it’s a classic example of how actions can speak louder than words. Show that you value your employees, customers, and their health by selecting nutritious and healthy foods such as nuts, fruits and healthy bars.

Cozy lounge area


Particularly for wellness businesses where you may have clients having to wait around before or after an appointment, a comfortable and well-designed lounge area is a great amenity to include in your space. 

Opening up your customer lounge to your employees to use as a common area can be beneficial for the business as well, as it encourages employees to come together, collaborate and share ideas in a fresh space. 

Want more inspiration? Click here for part two of this series for more tips on how to spruce up your wellness business office space! 

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