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instagram metrics

As of 2018, Instagram reported having over 1 billion monthly active users. 50% of the billion scrolls through their feed every day. This is a large audience that you, as a business owner, should take advantage of for the growth of your business. 

If you’re not already building a presence for your brand on Instagram, or simply want to improve how you do so, you can read up on the two-part article series we shared previously with plenty of tips and tricks. If you’ve already incorporated Instagram as part of your digital marketing strategy, that’s great! The next important thing for you to know is the performance metrics you can track to measure performance and understand what works effectively and what doesn’t. 

How to View Your Analytics 

Don’t know how to navigate through Instagram and find your analytics? 

Before you’re able to see any insights and analytics, you’ll need to set up a business account. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to set up an Instagram business account. 

If you’ve got a business account setup, you will be able to view your performance metrics by clicking “View Insights” underneath the specific post that you’d like to see analytics for.



Once you’re able to see your analytics summarised in your Post Insights page, you’ll need to know how to interpret the data that you’re seeing. Interpretation of this data relies heavily on understanding a few key definitions. 

Instagram Terminology

The number of unique users that see your Instagram post or story.

Unless you’re putting some money to back your posts, it’s unlikely that all your followers will see your content - and even then, it’s highly unlikely that every single one of them will see it. The number on your reach is important because it determines how many unique users come across your posts.

If the main objective of your social media marketing strategy is to increase brand awareness, this metric is particularly vital for you.


Not to be confused with reach, the impressions are the number of times your content is shown to users.

Unlike reach, impressions are not unique, and so if your impressions are higher than your reach, it shows that your audience is viewing your content multiple times. An indicator that your post is performing well is when it has a high impressions-to-reach ratio.


Your interactions show the total number of actions taken on your account. Your interactions are inclusive of a list of other metrics including:

  • Profile visits - the number of users that visited your Instagram profile 
  • Website clicks - the number of users who clicked through to the website linked in your bio 
  • Email - if you have an email displayed on your bio, this refers to the number of times users have tapped on your Email on your profile 
  • Call - if you have a phone number displayed on your bio, this refers to the number of times users have tapped to call on your bio


Not to be confused with interactions, engagement refers to the number of unique accounts who have liked, commented, shared, or saved your posts. 

There are plenty of bot accounts set up on Instagram for the purpose of being bought to make certain accounts look popular, however, these bots don’t drive engagement as they aren’t managed by humans. Engagement is important because it shows that real people genuinely love your brand, and that there are real people endorsing your product or service. 

Engagement is also important because it builds relationships with your audience. This is critical to the success of your sales funnel, so getting engaged with them through your social media platforms is a great place to start.

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