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5 Tips for Wellness Business Owners to Improve Your Brand’s Instagram Presence (Part 1)

Updated October 2022

Often many small business owners will neglect building a social media presence for their business, claiming that they don’t have the bandwidth, time, money or energy to make it worthwhile. While it’s totally understandable that running the day-to-day of a business can get overwhelming, and managing a social media page can seem like an additional responsibility, finding the tenacity to build a social media presence gives you the potential to really accelerate your business’ growth! 

Perhaps you’d rather be spending your time and resources consulting clients, treating them, or expanding your knowledge base to upgrade yourself and improve your practice - we understand! But, you don’t have to spend a fortune, or sacrifice hours upon hours a day to integrate social media into your marketing strategy and get results from it. In fact, wellness and social media tend to go hand in hand in many ways! For the most part, wellness promotes community, spreading health and lifestyle - which social media fits into just perfectly! Plus, with over 3.05 million Instagram users in Singapore alone, it’s safe to say that by disregarding the use of social media, you’re missing out on the opportunity to connect with so many people who are ready and willing to use your services! 

5 Tips to Improve Your Wellness Business’ Instagram Presence 

1. Plan and be consistent 

Building a social media presence doesn’t happen overnight - it requires careful planning and consistency. A social media calendar is a tool that can help you stick to a consistent posting schedule, ensure you don’t miss out on any important dates and also encourage collaboration with the rest of the team. Having one that you can regularly work from and update can make the process of building your Instagram presence a little easier! 

2. Create valuable content 

Similar to content marketing methods such as blogging or creating videos, sharing useful and valuable content on your Instagram not only attracts readers to your profile, but also works to establish you as someone with industry knowledge. This in turn, builds up your and your brand’s credibility and authority. By ingraining yourself as an industry leader in the minds of your followers, you become the first person that they think about should they ever want or need your product or service!   

3. Be cohesive, remarkable and eye-catching 

When people stumble across your Instagram page, you only have a few seconds to impress them with your profile - so make it as visually appealing and eye-catching as possible. You can do this by creating a cohesive look and using similar colours, fonts and filters in your content to tie your feed in with your branding and create a consistent look and feel. 

4. Use hashtags 

Using hashtags is a great way to make you discoverable and increase the chances of people finding you! Instagram allows you to include up to 30 hashtags on any given regular post. Add any more and your comment or caption won’t post. To boost engagement and gain quality followers, include hashtags that are specific to the space that your business operates in. 

When searching for hashtags, you can type in a relevant keyword in Instagram’s search function and see a list of hashtags with that keyword, along with the number of posts that are tagged with it. A larger number may mean that there are more people searching or following that hashtag, but it also means that there are a lot of content tagged with it - meaning that your posts may get lost within that ocean of content. Experiment by using a combination of the really popular hashtags and the more niche ones to find a combination that is optimal for your brand! 

5. Include a Call to Action (CTA) 

An Instagram page isn’t just a platform for you as a business owner to show the world what you do. Ultimately, you should be using your page to drive people to take action on your posts, and to do this a CTA is your holy grail. Since you don’t own your Instagram audience, it helps if you can shift the audience from Instagram to wherever it is that you do business - such as your website! This can be done by shifting people from your posts with a Link in Bio CTA. Some examples of Link in Bio CTA’s include hyperlinking your blog page, your book a consultation page, an event registration page, or a promotion page that you have ongoing. 

Another more indirect type of CTA that you can benefit from is an engagement CTA. Remember the time when posts on a feed showed up in chronological order? That time has come and gone. Most social media platforms, such as Instagram, now uses an algorithm that determines the order of every users’ feed. By encouraging engagement on your social media posts, you can increase your chances of being pushed higher up in the Top Posts area for not only your followers’ feed, but also in any of the relevant hashtag feeds! You can invite engagement by including some kind of question in your caption and inviting users to discuss in the comments section! 

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