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5 Tips for Wellness Business Owners to Improve Your Brand’s Instagram Presence (Part 2)

Social media platforms have become more than just a place where people can share personal photos and videos with family and friends. With more and more businesses using it as a way to connect with new and existing customers, Instagram is becoming one of the highest-value marketing tools. Last week we shared part one of this two-part series on how to improve your wellness business’ Instagram presence. Today we share part two, with another 5 tips to really get your business going in the world of social media!  

1. Make use of the Highlights feature 

Instagram Highlights are a great tool to introduce your brand to new visitors who land on your profile. Highlights live front-and-center on your Instagram profile, so it’s important to make the cover of each highlight stand-out (while still consistent with your branding) and full of great information and content to interest and entice new visitors to click Follow

Pro-tip: If you don’t have an in-house designer you can use the free online tool, Canva. With ready-made templates that you can use to work off of and a super user-friendly interface, this simple design platform allows you to create incredible cover photos and other visual content for your social media channels - even with no design experience! 

As a wellness business owner, you can make use of the Highlights section to feature interesting articles you’ve written, ongoing promotions, upcoming events or workshops, and even testimonials from your happy clients! Your options are limitless, so get creative with it!  

2. Learn from Instagram Insights 

If you set up your Instagram page as a business account, you’ll be able to use the Instagram Analytics tool. This tool gives you insight into valuable data that you can use to figure out what type of content works well with your audience. It’s important to review this data on a regular basis so you can keep track of each posts’ performance, identify trends and adjust your strategy to optimise your Instagram marketing for your business. 

3. Share your Instagram account in other communications and social networks 

All communication tools, be it online or offline, gives you the opportunity to drive people towards your Instagram account. Making your brand’s Instagram page easily discoverable will increase your chances of gaining more followers! 

Linking back to your Instagram account works particularly well if you’ve already built a following on another social media network. Perhaps you’ve built up a strong network of connections on LinkedIn? Promote your Instagram profile on your LinkedIn account and give all those followers a reason to check out your page by giving them a teaser of Instagram-exclusive content or promotions!  

You should also link back to your Instagram account on your website and email signature. Including your Instagram details on offline materials such as name cards, brochures and flyers will further ensure that your page can be easily found and followed! 

4. Run contests and giveaways 

Running contests on your Instagram page brings about plenty of opportunities for your Instagram to grow. As a wellness professional, you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to simply giving away free sessions of your wellness service. In fact, unless you run a massage parlour, spa, or any other wellness business with services that are higher in demand by (and more familiar to) the mass market, it can be pretty difficult to work with giving away your service. This is because the audience for your service may be too niche to reach through a single Instagram post. 

For those of you with this issue, think outside the box with your prizes and giveaways. Try finding relevant partners with products or services that you advocate, and collaborate with them in return for some sponsored prizes. You could even work on putting together attractive prize packages that both businesses can pitch into for a mutually beneficial giveaway on both of your Instagram pages - share each others’ followers! 

The more attractive the prize is, the more likely people will be to participate and share the giveaway with their friends, so be generous! Remember that Instagram is a very powerful marketing tool, and any way that you can grow your following on it can increase your potential to yield wonderful returns later on. 

Pro-tip: When running contests or giveaways on Instagram, basic enter-to-win sweepstakes with a lower barrier to entry works best. This is particularly true for those without a large following already in place. 

5. Create a community 

The saying, ‘birds of a feather, flock together’, very well applies to people who like to maintain a certain level of health and wellness! When one person experiences improvements in their lives, they want to spread that positivity with other people and this is what often causes wellness to spread through a community like wildfire! 

Take advantage of this and build your own community through social media! Create a place where like-minded people can gather and be surrounded by one another by asking them questions and encouraging them to discuss and share their stories and experiences that they’ve had with you and your wellness service. The more active your social media page becomes as a community, the more likely people will come back to it and share your content over time! 

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