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The life expectancy of running shoes are measured in miles rather than months or years. As a general rule of thumb, experts suggest that running shoes be retired and replaced every 500 to 750 kilometres (300 to 500 miles).

This is because after a certain amount of use, the structural integrity of running shoes deteriorates, resulting in the shoe losing the components and technology they were once designed with to provide stability, support and running efficiency. 

But, letting go of good things in life isn't always easy. This also rings true for runners who have to let go of their beloved running shoes that have been with them through rigorous training - some even holding precious memories, such as that of conquering a gruelling first marathon.

Here's one way to make the retirement of your old running shoes a gratifying and rewarding experience! 

Project Love Sneaker 

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Project Love Sneaker is a shoe donation drive organised by Running Lab. Started in 2010, it’s now in its 11th year running and will be held from 1 March to 31 March, 2021. The initiative serves the running community’s desire to recycle old running shoes while improving the lives of the less fortunate. 

Project Love Sneaker has increasingly gained traction and interest not only within the running communities but the general public over the years, and Running Lab has been dedicated and committed to reaching out to a wider audience to spread the meaningful notion behind this campaign.

This year, Core Collective is proud to be supporting Running Lab's Project Love Sneaker initiative. 

About the beneficiary 

Shoes collected from the Project Love Sneaker shoe-drive will go to Soles4Souls - a non-profit organisation that turns unwanted shoes and clothing into opportunity for the underprivileged. 

Not only do Soles4Souls contribute to the protection of the planet by repurposing unwanted items, extending their lifespan and keeping them out of landfills, they provide relief, create jobs and empower people to break the cycle of poverty. 

Their programs are focused on making a measurable impact on people and the planet as they support those in developing countries in launching and sustaining small businesses selling your donated shoes and clothing. 

How it works 


Gather your used running shoes in clean and re-usable condition and donate them by dropping them into one of the the drop-off boxes located at Core Collective Anson (level 22), Core Collective Dempsey, or any of the Running Lab stores between 1 and 31 March, 2021. 

Upon donating your running shoes, you’ll receive a $50 Running Lab voucher, which you can use to buy yourself a new pair! 


Please note that in order for shoes to be accepted for donation, they need to be in an acceptable condition. This means that all parts of the shoe must be intact, the outsole shouldn’t be fully worn out and there shouldn’t be any holes in the outsole or upper of the sole. 

Lifestyle sneakers and children’s shoes can also be donated, as long as they are in good and reusable condition. 

Core Collective is committed to growing centres of excellence where the top fitness and wellness professionals collaborate to deliver the best service and results for our customers, all under one roof.

Dropping by our space for a fitness or wellness session in the coming weeks? Don't forget to bring along your pre-loved running shoes for donation!