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Being an employee working for a boss is undoubtedly an enlightening experience filled with a multitude of opportunities for growth and learning.

But sometimes, the opportunities are far greater when you take a leap of faith and go off on your own.

The thought of quitting your job and becoming a freelancer or starting up your own business can be pretty daunting. But with lots of hard work, dedication and determination, it’s by no means impossible for anyone at all. 

When thoughts of self-doubt begin to lurk in your mind, remind yourself of why you’re even considering it in the first place. There are so many rewarding benefits of working for yourself and being your own boss and here, we'll cover some of them! 

1. You become your own boss. 

This is by far the best part of it all. You are the boss! There’s no one you have to try to prove yourself to, no more appraisals, no more scheduled holidays or watching the clock every lunch break to make sure you’re not going over the hour you’ve been given. 

You become in complete control. But remember… along with the freedom and empowerment that this gives you, it’s also a huge responsibility, so be sure you’re ready for it! 

2. You can work from anywhere. 

No more having to hang around your office until you can knock off your shift, and no more having to commute to work every single day (which, I know, can feel kind of meaningless especially if your job doesn’t at all require you to be at a certain place all the time). 

When you’re your own boss, you can work wherever you please. Prefer conducting your service virtually? Sure! Want to do it with your client face-to-face? There are plenty of affordable coworking spaces for that too, regardless of which sector you’re in. 

3. You manage your own time and schedule. 

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Whatever you are, you’re also your own boss. Whether you prefer getting your work done in the dawn of day or getting that extra bit of shut eye in the morning and starting later in the afternoon, no one can stop you now! 

4. You call the shots. 

Have you ever thought to yourself “if i had the final say, I would have done X differently”?

When you go freelance, you make the final call. No more having to explain yourself a million times to try to convince anyone else why your way might make more sense. Decisions are all in your hands and you can do things your way. 

5. Greater earning potential. 

Maybe at this point you feel that a guaranteed salary every month from being an employee is the most comfortable option, but the truth is, your earning potential will never be as high as you would if you worked for yourself. 

Are you a personal trainer working in a commercial gym who takes a huge chunk of your hard earned money from training clients? When you go freelance, you can say ‘goodby’ to revenue sharing and ‘hello’ to 100% gains. 

6. Do what you love and love what you do! 

When you’re doing something you love, crazy bosses, long working hours and the lack of freedom can result in you not loving what you do anymore. 

Another one of the best things about going freelance is that you’re bound to have fun when you get to pick what projects you want to work on, work on other hobbies in the middle of the day, and just do things however the heck you want! Furthermore, the feeling of empowerment and fulfilment you get from being your own boss will make the entire roller coaster of an experience not only fun, but rewarding all the same. 

So, why not go for it? Take the plunge. You might not ever look back. 

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