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The Bulletproof Blueprint

About The Bulletproof Blueprint

The Bulletproof Blueprint is a comprehensive training system built to bridge the gap between performance, rehabilitation and lifestyle, through thoughtful strength training, movement assessments, corrective exercises, technique refinement and personal development. 

The Bulletproof Blueprint specializes in working with:

  1. Weightlifters, powerlifters and CrossFitters who seek to break lifting plateaus and train hard without pain.
  2. Everyday athletes who want to get fitter, look better and stay healthy through efficient, safe and enjoyable training.

The Bulletproof Blueprint prides itself with the following core values:

  1. Care for Individuals - our coaches invest deeply in the lives and growth of the individuals they coach - in and outside the gym.

  2. Chasing Excellence - our coaches invest extensively in continuous education and the refining of their coaching repertoire.

  3. Collaboration and Partnership - our coaches collaborate closely with other doctors and trainers, including those whom the athletes already work closely with. This facilitates a comprehensive formulate training/rehab programs with the greatest impact.

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Daniel Tan Zhen Fong

Daniel Tan Zhen Fong

Daniel is an experienced CrossFit coach that started his own venture, The Bulletproof Blueprint, with the aim of helping people achieve their fullest potential in and beyond the gym. His emphasis on virtuous movement and sound training profession can be seen through his boot camps and personal training sessions. 

Daniel is a firm believer in work-life balance and how fitness can help individuals improve their productivity. He has exhibited that by being on the Dean's List in SMU for consecutive years. 

When you can't find him at the gym, he's probably scouting for delicious food and coffee with his friends.

Gabrielle Lee

Gabrielle Lee

Today is the first day of the rest of your life" is a phrase that Gabrielle lives by. She believes that we should not be limited by our past and if you want to achieve something, start now. Her goal is to help others learn to love fitness and enjoy training. It shouldn't just be a means for weight loss and aesthetics. Gabrielle also hopes to motivate and inspire individuals who have been injured and encourage their return to sport. 

Gabrielle was always the sporty kid who wanted to be different, she first started training for duathlons at 13 and placed 1st in National Championships. After a while, she began CrossFit at the age of 15 and fell in love with this new idea of fitness. She carried on to compete in the CrossFit Open where she clinched the title as the fittest teen in Singapore. It had always been her dream to be a competitive athlete but things don't always turn out the way we hope they would.

Gabrielle sustained an injury to her spine while training under poor supervision and that was the moment where she realized that she needed to be the change. The road to recovery was long and it was the toughest chapter of her life, where she didn't have anyone who understood her distress. However, her desire to prove that injury is not always the end of the road led her on. In her most recent competition, she placed first in the Junior category of a local weightlifting meet. 

Gabrielle knows and has experienced the physiological and psychological drain of being injured, and you can trust that she will strive to keep you far away from injuries by implementing pre-hab and rehab into your training regime.

Jake Soh

Jake Soh Jun Kai

Jake started out as an avid gym goer until he sustained an injury to his spine, resulting in back pain, from poor programming and exercise selection. This led him to research exercise programming and selection to facilitate his own rehabilitation. Now he is back stronger than ever before with no pain. He aims to help newcomers get into the motion of exercising with proper guidance and coaching.

Jake does general fitness and health coaching along with strength and conditioning as he believes a good healthy body should move well and eat well. 

Thumbnail_PT_bulletproof_Nicholas lim-1

Nicholas Lim

As a dedicated physical trainer, Nicholas brings a wealth of athletic expertise and a passion for sharing knowledge with others. Known for my unwavering perseverance and determination, Nicholas approaches every challenge with a relentless drive to succeed. His approach is characterised by a commitment to finding solutions, always remaining open-minded and flexible in his pursuit of excellence.

Nicholas thrives on innovation and is not afraid to explore new ideas and techniques to address any fitness obstacles. With an easygoing demeanour and a people-oriented approach, he fosters a supportive environment, making it easy for clients to approach him with their goals and concerns. Nicholas firmly believes in the power of teamwork and collaboration, recognising that achieving fitness goals often requires a collective effort.

In my role as a physical trainer, Nicholas embodies a commitment to empowering others and guiding them on their journey to improved health and wellness. His dedication to helping individuals reach their full potential extends beyond the gym. He strives to instil confidence, motivation, and a lasting enthusiasm for fitness in all those he works with.


Abdul Hadi

What Customers Say

Testimonial of Sam Deen

"I have always loved playing basketball but was constantly plagued and sidelined by a slew of wrist, knee and ankle problems.

Within months of working with The Bulletproof Blueprint, I found that my strength, coordination and performance had improved dramatically and I'm no longer bogged by injuries. I could see how Daniel curated a Rehabilitative Bodybuilding program according to my sport and needs; the entire experience felt really customized.

Even as I have gotten out of pain, I continue to prioritize my training with The Bulletproof Blueprint to improve my performance and be Bulletproof to injuries.

I'll definitely recommend The Bulletproof Blueprint to people who want to eliminate recurring pain and improve sports performance."

Sam Deen
Physiotherapy client