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Submit your details below, and we will link you up with a trainer best suited for you.

4 Ways We Help You With Your Fitness Goals

Customised Programmes

Say goodbye to generic one-size-fits-all fitness programmes and regimes.

Long Lasting

Solve the problem of ‘plateauing’ or regressing after early results.

Quickly and Safely Reach All Your Goals

Maximise the efficiency of your workouts while minimising the risks of injuries.

Enjoyment and Motivation

Develop a more positive outlook on exercise.

What Customers Say

Testimonial_Nicola Kong_Adeline

I’ve been training with Nicola since late June 2022, for about 2 - 3 times a week. She has always been incredibly professional and friendly and, more importantly, aware of how far and how much to push me. Through our sessions, I’ve learned a lot about the movements the right way and the importance of having the correct form.

Training with Nicola has provided me with a sense of accountability and really helped with my motivation as well. I would highly recommend Nicola to anyone looking for a fun, warm and professional trainer to help meet their fitness goals!

Adeline Cheang (left)
Personal Training Client of Nicola Kong


Azee is a fantastic personal trainer. I arrived in Singapore in January 2022 with a torn meniscus from netball and an extra 6kg in weight because of the injury. Azee has worked alongside my physio to help me rebuild my knee and body strength through a sustainable approach. The attention to detail regarding the safety of my knee, building healthy eating habits and what I need to do to feel stronger has been very well thought out.

I feel the strongest I have felt in years, not just physically but mentally as well. The care and support have been fantastic, and I highly recommend Azee and her team. 

Tamsin Warr (left)
Personal Training Client of Azeemeh Taqi (AZ Fitness)

Choose Where You Train

Each of our locations offers a distinct and unique experience, whether you’re looking for a central location in the heart of the CBD, a culturally rich and vibrant neighbourhood in the East, or an urban escape near Orchard Road.

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  • Can I use the gym if I come in for a group fitness class?

    No. Our gym is exclusively for members holding an active package with a personal trainer at Core Collective and members are only allowed to use the gym while they are training with their trainer.

  • What facilities are available for customers at Core Collective?

    We’ve got changing rooms, showers, lockers and complimentary towels available.
    Water dispensers are also available around our space so BYOB (bring your own bottle).