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4 Ways We Help You With Your Fitness Goals

Customised Programmes

Say goodbye to generic one-size-fits-all fitness programmes and regimes.

Long Lasting

Solve the problem of ‘plateauing’ or regressing after early results.

Quickly and Safely Reach All Your Goals

Maximise the efficiency of your workouts while minimising the risks of injuries.

Enjoyment and Motivation

Develop a more positive outlook on exercise.

What Customers Say


"I've was a regular gym goer but due to my mother's illness, I stopped to look after her.

When she passed on, I decided to go back to gym. As my age is catching up (I am 60 yrs old) I decided to engage a personal trainer to guide me. There I met coach Firdauz. He is very professional in his teaching method and will go all the way to help you achieve your goals.

With Firdauz, I've learned how the muscles work how to eat correctly, and I have seen a transformation in myself. I was even featured on the cover of July/August 2019 Men's Health. It's a dream come true. Thank you, Firdauz."

Syafawi Ho
Personal Training client of Firdauz Abdul Gahni, Total Training SG


"Initially, I started training with Lizzie because i wanted to improve my running.

My experience so far has been outstanding. I’ve gotten so much stronger, I’m running and riding faster, lifting heavier and noticing more definition. I also love the space and the equipment at Core Collective Dempsey. Especially the new lifting platform!

The quality of my life has changed since training with lizzie in that I've become stronger, faster and experience less injuries. I’ve seen so many physical changes and each session is so fun and different.

I'd recommend Lizzie to anyone looking to run faster, lose weight, prevent injury, learn Olympic lifting or anything!"

Rebecca Orne
Personal Training client of Lizzie Corbett, Empower Fitness

Choose Where You Train

Each of our locations offer a distinct and unique experience, whether you’re looking for a convenient yet comforting escape from the hustle & bustle of the CBD, or to immerse yourself in the vast outdoors of Dempsey.

Health Advisory Update In Light Of COVID-19



  All visitors must check in and check out upon arrival and upon leaving using SafeEntry.


  Mandatory wearing of masks in the space and temperature checks upon entry.


  Only 1:1 personal training is permitted, and gym capacity is capped.


  Capacity is monitored and limited in changing and shower rooms.


  While towels, mats and water dispensers are available, members are encouraged to bring their own towels, mats and water bottles.


  Visitors must comply with safe distancing measures including maintaining a 1m distance with one another, following demarcation marks, and the “no-chill” policy.


  Frequent cleaning is implemented throughout the space and thorough deep cleaning takes place every Sunday.

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  • Can I use the gym if I come in for a group fitness class?

    No. Our gym is exclusively for members holding an active package with a personal trainer at Core Collective and members are only allowed to use the gym while they are training with their trainer.

  • Can group class packages be shared with friends or family?

    The 30 class package can be shared with two other users of your choice.

  • What’s the difference between standard and premium class packages?

    A Standard class package gives you access to over 30 different group fitness classes including Body Sculpt, Hatha Yoga, Mat Pilates with Props, Les Mills BodyCombat, Les Mills Bodypump, Strength HIIT, Yoga Flow to name a few. 

    A premium class package gives you access to all standard classes and more including (but not limited to) Reformer Pilates, Strength & HIIT Bootcamps and Body Sculpt. 

    You may refer to our group fitness class schedule for a comprehensive list of standard and premium classes available at Core Collective.  

  • What facilities are available for customers at Core Collective?

    We’ve got changing rooms, showers, lockers and complimentary towels available.
    Water dispensers are also available around our space so BYOB (bring your own bottle).