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About Mattew

Mattew has accumulated more than 14 years of experience in the rehabilitation and personal training industry. 

Mattew's clientele comprises people seeking rehabilitation and functional training, varying in age, from youth athletes to seniors. Mattew provides not only rehabilitation and multi-plane functional training but also strength and conditioning for the general population. He also provides training for athletes and seniors using a combination of his vast array of rehab and training skills accumulated over many years. 

Mattew values forthrightness and transparency and strongly believes in a reciprocal working relationship. Amongst his notable past achievements, Mattew was the Winner of Asia Fitness Convention 2012, clinching the title of Fittest Men’s under 35. He also achieved Distinction in the Advanced Personal Trainer (AAFSP) course and participated in Ido Portal Movement Camp 2013.


  • Master Rehab practitioner (RehabTrainer Australia)
  • Kinetic Link Training (KLT) Practitioner & Shoulder Physical Therapist (Wayne Rodgers, Health Adventure)
  • Trigger-point Therapist (The Ultimate 6plus)
  • Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) of neck, spine, lower back & pelvis (Joseph E.Muscolino, The Art & Science of Kinesiology)
  • Level 2 dry needling & cupping practitioner (Dr Jon Marshall, Manual Medicine Australasia)
  • Multi-Plane Functional Training practitioner
  • MRMB Training system
  • Barefoot Rehab & Training Specialist (EBFAFITNESS)
  • Advanced Personal Trainer DISTINCTION (AAFSP)
  • Functional Trainer (Marcel Daane)
  • Club Weightlifting & Sports Power Coach 1 (Australian Weighlifting Federation)
  • Gymnastic Bodies Seminar participant (Coach Sommer)
  • Ladies Shaping and Toning Skills & Fitness training for Hip, Knee & ankle pain (AAFSP)