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Lorna Murphy

About Lorna

Lorna, known for her grueling sell-out classes at Barry’s Singapore, specializes in sustainable body transformations. She trains the trained to let go of the fad quick-fix diets and cookie-cutter programs and breaks both training and nutrition down to a lifestyle the client can first transform with and more importantly adhere to in the long run.

Lorna takes the time to assess each client before prescribing a training regime specially tailored for each individual. She focuses primarily on strength training and metabolic conditioning to achieve that healthy body composition the client longs for. With a strong knowledge of the effects of high-intensity exercise, her ratio of strength/metabolic conditioning varies for each individual. She takes into account your job, lifestyle and stress levels to make sure the exercise you are doing is reducing as opposed to creating stress.

Lorna is adamant that diet and sleep are king and queen components of a sustainable lifestyle. She prescribes a set of macronutrient numbers on a consistent basis, and if you are lacking the understanding in this department, she makes sure you are soon educated and learn the ropes of it. 

With a professional background in dance from a very young age, Lorna has grown up truly understanding the body and walking the walk. The mesh of being a fully certified personal trainer, group instructor, along with her full-time dance and musical theatre credentials, means you will feel the added flare and variety she provides in every session and be anything but bored while training. Commitment gets results and you must primarily enjoy what you are doing in order to commit.

That being said, Lorna will be your coach, not your cheerleader. Any tough love will be given in your best interest as the long term results you will reap are worth more than anything.

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What Customers Say

Testimonial of Natasha

"About a year ago, I joined began training at Core Collective Anson because of my fabulous trainer Lorna Murphy.

I am in the best shape of my life because of her and she is the best trainer I’ve ever had! My fat percentage has decreased, muscle mass increased, I’m stronger and much fitter in general.

Lorna keeps me motivated not only because of her challenging sessions that she caters so perfectly to me, but also because she has a great personality: professional, friendly, positive and reliable.

Lorna also guided me to find a new way of life that is sustainable and my quality of life has improved by leaps and bounds."

Natasha (right)
Personal Training client