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Laura Rogers

About Laura

Laura Rogers is the only genetic coach using this revolutionary technology in Asia. She focuses on helping women get their sexy back. Her vision is to empower others to become the healthiest versions of themselves so that they can enjoy the highest quality of life and be as limitless.  

Laura delivers the most effective health and fitness coaching through a unique 4 phase process which is a combination of mindset, movement and genetics. These are all set up in a way to fast track creating the result that YOU deserve.

In 2007 Laura started her coaching journey working with athletes and transitioned into working with women who want more confidence. 

Laura says “People come to me for help getting fit and the leave with a complete transformation of their life”

Laura creates a 4-phase all-encompassing approach with the foundation of genetics to ensure every client gets the fastest possible result in the shortest possible time. Over her 6-month program she optimises the 4 factors of genetics, mindset, movement and nutrition. Laura brings experience of over 10 years of coaching working with both professional athletes and peak performers to get more out of every aspect of their health, fitness and life.

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