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About Kin Kiew

Kin Kiew obtained his Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Studies from Nanyang Technological University in 2020. He has been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years and pursues evidence-based research to enhance the health, lives and athletic performance of his clients.

He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and has a passion for continuous learning in the areas of exercise science. 

Kin Kiew has extensive experience working with a diverse clientele ranging from pre / post-natal training to exercising with existing injuries. He finds it extremely rewarding when they realize their fitness goals and set new targets for themselves. He strongly believes in self-empowerment through fitness and the potential for improvement is limitless.


  • MSc Exercise and Sports Studies
  • BSc Exercise and Sports Science
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) – National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • Clinical Fitness Professionals’ Course (Exercise Is Medicine Singapore, Changi General Hospital)
  • Sports Massage Certified – Sports Medicine Australia
  • Sports Trainer, Level 1 – Sports Medicine Australia
  • Sports First Aider – Sports Medicine Australia
  • Weightlifting Coach NCAP Level 1, Singapore Weightlifting Federation, Singapore Sports Council
  • Fitness Instructor Course – Singapore Sports Council
  • Basic Exercise Course – Singapore Sports Council
  • TRX Suspension Training Certification – Fitness Anywhere International
  • Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council – CPR + AED Certified

What Customers Say


Being a lawyer with a punishing work schedule, I need to reap maximum benefits from all workout sessions that I turn up for. When I first started training with Kin Kiew in 2013, I have already trained with personal trainers for more than a decade in various gyms across several countries that I have worked in. I’ve not changed trainers ever since. Why? Because his training works!

Kin Kiew is a very experienced and well-rounded trainer with extensive knowledge of fitness, training, dieting and the human anatomy. He is able to come up with comprehensive training plans to suit his clients’ needs, whether they be fitness, weight loss, aesthetics or injury rehabilitation. He takes the time to understand the clients’ lifestyles, physical conditions and training needs and as a result, his training is often varied and targeted at his client’s specific needs. I have greatly benefitted from training with him as he has helped me to meet my training needs throughout different seasons of my life.

Oh, did I mention that he does the most amazing stretches and deep tissue massages as well? You have to try it for yourself!

Benjamin Cheong (seated) 
Personal training client 


I have been training with Kin Kiew since 2013, and know him to be a consummate professional bar none.

What sets him apart is his total commitment to his craft, which has been a true inspiration for me and many others who train with him. I am constantly amazed at how he juggles his long hours with his clients while also maintaining his own strict training regime which no doubt has kept his own physique constantly in top form. 

Through all the years that I trained with Kin Kiew, he has never missed or cancelled even a single training session. He is highly organised and extremely responsive - our training sessions are well planned. He keeps tabs on my progress, and he has been creative and flexible in accommodating my very busy schedule. Quite incredibly, I also feel not one session is ever wasted because Kin Kiew is ever so present and committed to ensuring that I get the best out of every move and every exercise that I have to perform.

I am glad to say that to this day, I am still seeing solid and continual progress in my strength, stamina and general fitness level. It feels great to be a better and healthier version of me each and every time we train. For that, I have to thank Kin Kiew, aka the best personal trainer ever.

Tan Min Lan (right) 
Personal training client