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Most will associate coworking spaces with hot desks, meeting rooms and lounge areas inhabited by dynamic entrepreneurs.

 But with the rise of home-grown companies like Found8, CoCRE8 and The Great Room dotted across Singapore over the years, it was only inevitable that someone would innovate a completely new and unique idea using the fantastic and revolutionary co-working concept.

Enter Core Collective - Singapore’s pioneering co-working space dedicated to fitness and wellness professionals and entrepreneurs! 

Since opening our flagship facility in Tanjong Pagar in 2019, we’re proud to be home to over 150 fitness and wellness professionals. We’ve not only built a secondary location in Dempsey, but are also excited for future expansion plans already in the pipeline! 

But what makes us as a coworking space so different from other workplaces for fitness and wellness professionals? Read on!


Location is crucial for business owners when it comes to deciding on a place of work. Residency at Core Collective gives fitness and wellness professionals the option and flexibility to work from two beautifully designed spaces located in prime areas in Singapore - Anson road and Dempsey. 

With the Anson branch being just minutes away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station and Dempsey Hill shuttle buses circling the Dempsey area on the daily, not only are both locations conveniently accessible for professionals to work from - but it gives their clients the option to get treated or trained in two entirely different locations depending on what works best for them. 

Resident fitness and wellness professionals as well as their clients can also enjoy the fact that there are plenty of F&B and entertainment establishments to keep everyone satisfied and even within the space itself  - such as Baker & Cook who are, in fact, residents themselves at the Dempsey branch. 


Coworking spaces are known to have great amenities. Some of the essential qualities of traditional coworking space include – hot desks, meeting or conference rooms, phone booths, and even ergonomic furniture and utensils to provide utmost comfort to members.

At Core Collective, we’ve replaced all these to cater specifically to fitness and wellness professionals. You’ll find lounge areas, rehabilitation spaces, treatment and consultation rooms readily outfitted with treatment beds and sofas, group class studios with all the equipment needed to conduct full-fledged fitness classes, gyms with top-class equipment among other amenities for professionals’ clients to make use of - such as showers and changing rooms. 

Flexibility & Cost-Efficiency

Since the pandemic has caused many businesses to suffer huge losses, coworking spaces that can offer comfort, flexibility, and networking opportunities have become an even more attractive workspace alternative. 

One of the reasons why people choose coworking spaces is the cost-efficiency it allows for. We offer flexible rental options inclusive of access to premium facilities in order to suit the needs of and minimise risk for fitness and wellness business owners - regardless of whether they’re completely new in the industry or far along on their entrepreneurial journey.

Since professionals can rent full-time space with a low commitment period of as little as 3 months or by the hour, a rental model like the one we’ve adopted has meant all fitness and wellness business owners can say goodbye to expensive and inflexible leases - plus do away with having to spend additional costs for furniture, internet, cleaning services and more. 

Support Services

When brands at Core Collective grow, we grow too. That’s why our team is highly dedicated to facilitating the growth of the businesses offering their services in our space.

We do this by providing best-in-class support services including receptionists, payment collection, appointment booking system, laundry and even creating brand exposure opportunities through our established marketing channels. 


It’s extremely important to us to build a bustling community of fitness and wellness professionals because we believe that great ideas arise from collaboration, and that by working closely with people who share similar interests and goals as you, you can expose yourself to new perspectives that can provoke bursts of creativity and opportunity.

Core Collective is home to over 150 top fitness and wellness professionals and we foster collaboration and cross-referral opportunities amongst them through various events, initiatives and programmes.

With an incredible community of professionals, it’s been incredibly inspiring to see the variety of professionals in our space collaborate, even across industries, to deliver the best results for their customers, all under one roof. 

Are you a fitness or wellness business owner looking for new space to start up or grow your fitness or business? 

Core Collective is building centres of excellence where the best fitness and wellness professionals collaborate to deliver better service and results for our customers, all under one roof. We help you grow by providing best-in-class support services and facilities, and by fostering collaboration and professional development opportunities.

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