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Learning To Become A Leader, with Jonathan Bowman-Perks - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast


It's only natural for every personal trainer to want to have as much influence and success in the fitness industry as possible. However, many personal trainers don't really know how to go about becoming leaders who command respect and high incomes. There are certain plans that you can put in place in order to maximise your earning potential and influence in the fitness world.

Branding yourself and having a keen eye for marketing is especially important in today’s digital world. If you harness the power of your own brand and become a leader, then there is no limit to what you can achieve.

It helps to have a formula in place. Today’s guest Jonathan Perks has a very effective recipe for success: the eight steps for Inspiring Leadership. Each step is designed to maximise your potential in every area of your professional life.

“The Leader listens to people with palpable respect and an interest in where they are going next”

– Jonathan Bowman-Perks

About Jonathan Bowman-Perks

Jonathan Bowman-Perks is a renowned leadership advisor, who has worked closely with some of the biggest businesses in the world. He has coached top leaders in global brands like Facebook, Amazon and Siemens and CEOs of many top Companies. He is the author of “Inspiring Leadership” which gives readers an insight into his methods.

He enables people to progress in their careers, opening up the possibility to greater earning power and increased job satisfaction.

He believes in keeping things simple. He wants to help you identify the key areas that benefit your leadership qualities. This will ensure that clients admire and respect your work as a personal trainer.

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Show Highlights

  • How to determine what gives your life purpose
  • Why focusing on mental health is important to improve your leadership qualities
  • Why setbacks are important and how they can be used to build resilience
  • Why branding and marketing yourself is important as a leader
  • Why it is important to make a sustainable difference to those around you

“A leader has to persuade people to do things that they don’t want to do, and feel good about it.”

– Jonathan Bowman-Perks  

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