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On The Fence About Becoming a Personal Trainer? Check Out This Podcast Series Every Aspiring PT Should Listen to

Whether you are amid a life crisis, thinking of switching career, or perhaps have undergone your own body transformation through personal training and are now considering becoming a personal trainer yourself; it’s never too early or too late to think about your future.

Get a deeper insight into the rewarding career of a personal trainer with this ten-episode podcast interview series, where personal trainers from all walks of life share their inspiring stories and experiences that led them to become the successful trainers and fitness business owners that they are today. 

Listen to the Trailer 


Episode 1: Quitting is Not Giving Up 


Flavia was born in Brazil, spent her childhood days in Wales before moving to London as a teenager, and worked at the prestigious Reebok Club, Canary Wharf. As a personal trainer in the City of London and working at one of the best clubs, you'd think Flavia was living the dream. 

Listen in to learn how this was far from the truth.


Episide 2: Dreams of Playing in the Premier League 


For many, being involved in professional or top-level sport is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. But, not all sports careers can last forever; as Dan experienced. 


Episode 3: When Work Takes Over Your Life and Health 

Imagine spending over 20 years in finance, hitting your 39th Birthday, and being the most unfit in your life. Then hitting the age of 40 and losing 45kg! 

Listen in to learn how Lou, change his body and then his career! 


Episode 4: The Rejected, Overweight and Anxious Gym Member 


Learn how Jorge Jimenez went from being rejected, overweight and anxious - to getting a gym membership, to teaching a class, and transforming his life forever! 


Episode 5: Being Your Own Boss 


Being your own boss and freelance trainer can be liberating, but it can also be terrifying. Joe talks with Personal Trainer Laura Rogers about the challenges of working for ourselves and how at the core of a trainers skillset, teaching and being able to coach, is absolutely essential. 


Episode 6: Keeping Your Parents Happy 

Angelin was an accountant for 15 plus years before she decided to become a personal trainer. 

In this episode, Joe speaks with Angelin, a personal trainer in Singapore about what to do when friends and family members disapprove of your career change. 


Episode 7: From Flipping Burgers at McDonald's to Owning a Gym 

How does a school kid who suffers from type 1 diabetes, with no qualifications, go from working at Mcdonalds to opening up his own personal training gym and business at just 23 years old? 

In this episode, Doug gives you his insight on what it really takes to achieve this type of success.


Episode 8: My Personal Trainer Inspired Me to Just Do It 

With the initial help of a personal trainer, Jojo fell in love with exercise and was inspired to become a trainer for Nike herself. 

In this podcast, she shares her inspirational story that you most definitely should listen to. 


Episode 9: Life After Professional Sport, with Professional Footballer Robbie Simpson 

Robbie is a professional footballer having played with several clubs including Huddersfield, Leyton Orient, Coventry, Cambridge United and, currently, MK Dons. 

Having met a lot of sportspeople in his time and from talking to them, he has become very aware of two things. Firstly, a sports career can’t last forever. Through age, injury or just bad luck, most sportspeople’s careers won’t last all that long. Secondly, although there are thousands of sportspeople out there with all these wonderful, employable qualities, there are no recruitment platforms out there dedicated solely to helping them find meaningful, fulfilling careers after sport.


Episode 10: I Love the Freedom at Core Collective 

Listen to what Personal Trainers have to say about growing their business with Core Collective.


Bonus Content 

Taking on any new career path can feel rather daunting, but fear should never stop you from pursuing anything you are passionate about. If you're still feeling hesitant to make that career switch and become a personal trainer, be sure to join our exclusive Core Collective High-Performance Personal Trainer Facebook group to connect with other like-minded individuals and receive bonus content and goodies, including a read on 5 reasons why there has never been a better time to enter the fitness industry, regardless of age.