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Turning Your Gym Business Vision into Reality with Steve Grant - PT COREntrepreneur Podcast


Thinking of starting your own gym? Trying to grow and improve your existing business? With so much competition in the marketplace, running a successful gym is not simply a matter of setting up a facility and watching the money roll in. All things being equal, what makes or breaks a small business is its ability to connect personally with customers and inspire employees.

Choosing the right strategies to get your message across is critical. Maybe that means sticking with the tried-and-true tactics. Or, it could mean getting creative and taking cues from successful businesses in other industries.

Work smart, not hard. Developing the right business plan for your gym will not only lead to success in the future, but also save you time and effort in the present.

“It’s only when you break down each step of the sales funnel, you can find these great opportunities just to tweak something. The improvements in revenue are dramatic.”

- Steve Grant 

About Steve Grant

Steve has 18 years experience in the fitness industry as a lecturer and studio owner, and is currently the Director of Gym Hub. He works one-on-one with gym owners to develop effective plans for marketing, recruitment, and branding. Central to his message is the importance of creating an inspiring vision for your business, and developing the right strategy to make that vision a reality.

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Show Highlights

  • Identifying and grabbing the ‘low hanging fruit’ of your marketing opportunities
  • How to recruit staff that share your values and represent your business
  • The importance of creating a compelling and exciting vision
  • A ‘six-step blueprint’ to differentiating your brand
  • How to learn new strategies by exploring other industries

“You need to create your own story that people will talk about. I think this is the space that a lot of people miss”

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In the next episode, we're joined by Eric Bach. We discuss how moving away from the hourly model builds business resilience and flexibility, why you are your best business card, using personal appearance as business advertising, and why being a successful trainer is about problem-solving, not hours worked. 

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