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 The mere mention of the word “cancer” alone can bring immense feelings of unease. But for a well-known disease that’s heavily feared, many are highly unaware of the root causes of it that can be avoided or prevented. 

We commonly hear that “smoking causes lung cancer” or “excessive alcohol causes liver cancer”, and while the physical state of our body and what we put inside of it can contribute to the development of the disease; what people often fail to acknowledge is that the root cause of cancer goes way beyond our physical well being. 

According to Osteopathy Health Care Founder and Core Collective resident Osteopath, Dr Shruti Seth, the development of the disease is just as much related to metaphysics and our emotional states. In this article, she shares more. 

What do our emotions have to do with developing cancer?

The European Journal of Cancer linked emotional stress with down-regulation of the immune system. Their study concluded that psychological factors may influence the incidence or progression of cancer through influences on immune function and other physiological pathways.

Additionally, according to German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer, human beings are susceptible to the creation of lesions in the brain and organs due to shock and trauma. These types of lesions create something like a short-circuit in the brain - which if unresolved can give birth to cancerous tumors.

Metaphysical or Emotional Causes for Different Types of Cancers

While the research above suggests some sort of connection between our emotional state and the development of cancer, the following chart compiled by TCM doctor, Dr Starwynn, very well illustrates the connection between various emotional issues and the development of cancer in different organs of the body

Type of Cancer  Primary Emotional Issue
Thyroid  Lack of full self-expression
Lung Unrelenting grief, issues with receiving and letting go 
Lymphatic Deep pervasive fear and negative thinking
Breast Issues with nurturing - not giving or receiving enough, betrayal 
Stomach Stuffing anger, "swallowing" too much negativity 

Lack of emotional sweetness in life, relationship traumas 

Liver Repressed anger, extended frustration
Colon Rigidity, inability to adapt and let go, holding anger within or rage-o-holic 
Uterine Sexual abuse and boundary issues, betrayal 
Cervix Same as uterus 
Bone Too much of too little willpower, ancient conflicts 
Melanoma/Skin Feeling out of touch with natural rhythms of life 

What can be done to prevent the development of cancer?

Based on the notion that cancer manifests on an energetic or emotional level first and then onto a physical level, there are simple ways from Dr Shruti that you can take note of to prevent the development of the disease.

  1. Get regular medical checkups or screenings. 

  2. Avoid resisting your emotions. Talk it out and find ways to let go of any past traumatic memories or relationships.

  3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising, eating nutritious food and maintaining good mental hygiene.

  4. Consider Osteopathy treatments for the prevention of diseases and to improve the vitality of both the body and mind. 

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Featured Contributor: 


Shruti Seth started her career as a physiotherapist. With time her passion for health, yoga and meditation grew and she started looking for a more holistic approach wherein she was introduced to osteopathy and completed her masters in osteopathy from India and Diploma in osteopathic manual practice from Canada. She has given private consultations to high profile personalities like film stars, directors, producers and ministry officials.

She has been a mindfulness trainer since 2018, involved in a lot of social service activities associated with The Art of Living Organization. She was the rank holder of her 2017 osteopathy batch, Sri Sri University.