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The start of a new year often inspires a collective desire for positive change. Instead of traditional resolutions that may fade by February, consider adopting a more mindful approach by setting intentions for the coming year. Intentions are like guideposts, providing direction and focus for personal growth. Here are 4 reasons why setting intentions can lead to a more sustainable and fulfilling journey of self-improvement this 2024.

1. Intentions are flexible

Resolutions are often rigid and outcome-focused, while intentions are more about the journey, guiding the choices and actions that align with your values. Check-in with your intentions periodically, celebrate successes, and recalibrate as needed. This ongoing process promotes self-awareness and continuous improvement.

2. Intentions celebrate progress, not perfection. 

Shift the focus from achieving perfection to celebrating progress. Every step taken toward your intentions is a success worth acknowledging, fostering a positive and empowering mindset. When it comes to setting intentions, self-compassion plays a huge role. Acknowledge the setbacks that may occur, but it's okay to reassess and refine your intentions.

3. Intentions are more personalised and authentic. 

Resolutions often follow a one-size-fits-all mentality, while intentions are more skewed towards tailoring to an individual's values, priorities, and aspirations. Intentions encourage regular self-reflection, and this introspective process allows individuals to learn from their experiences, adjust their intentions accordingly, and foster continuous personal growth.

4. Intentions embrace fun and play. 

Setting intentions is about improving your life, so don't make it out to be a chore, have fun with it. If you're making a point to be healthier and more active this year, incorporate activities that bring joy and fun into your fitness routine. Whether it's dancing, playing a sport, or trying a new activity, find ways to make staying active enjoyable and sustainable. After all, fitness and wellness are meant to last a lifetime, not till 2024. 

Ready to manifest your best year yet? Here's a basic guide to help you kick start some powerful intention setting for the new year:

  • Reflect on the past

It might sound counterintuitive to look back at your past at the beginning of the new year, but these reflections can inform your intentions for the upcoming year. Ask yourself, what worked well? What didn't? What lessons did you learn? 

  • Visualise success

Visualisation can boost motivation and make your intentions more powerful. Close your eyes and visualise yourself accomplishing your goals. Feel the emotions associated with success. If it helps, create a vision board. Collect images, quotes, and symbols that represent your intentions. Arrange them on a vision board as a daily reminder of your goals.

  • Think and speak positively

Frame your intentions in positive language. Instead of saying, "I won't procrastinate," say, "I will prioritise my tasks efficiently." Positive affirmations empower your mindset and set the tone for the days, weeks and months ahead. Make it a habit and use positive language from day one. 

Remember: small, sustainable changes can significantly improve your overall fitness and wellness. Tailor these intentions to your personal preferences and listen to your body as you embark on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle in the new year.

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