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If you’re someone who has attended events in the past, you may not have thought much about them besides getting the most of them and having a great time - but behind every event is much time and effort put into planning and organising for a much greater purpose. 

The reason why businesses are often willing to invest a relatively significant chunk of time, effort and marketing budget into organising events, is because when done effectively, it can actually be a very impactful marketing channel. 

Below, we share 5 reasons why businesses should incorporate events into their marketing strategy!

1. Build Relationships 

Whether you’re hosting a networking event, participating in a trade show or giving an informational talk, events offer a chance for you to interact and engage with prospects and customers on a much more personal level. Direct interaction is the most powerful way to foster meaningful and longer-lasting relationships, so when done well, events tend to be highly effective for encouraging loyalty in the people your business interacts with. 

2. Branding and Awareness 

In hosting an event, you’re able to specifically decide what kind of event would work best based on who your customers are. In doing this, you’re able to gain access to a much more targeted and qualified audience, while also showing off your brand’s personality. 

By planning and executing a memorable experience for your target audience and attendees, your brand is also more likely to become top of the mind when they’re looking to purchase your product or service in the future. As a result of this, events are a great way to build awareness for your brand. 

3. An Opportunity to Get People Talking 

Research shows that 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising. The power of word-of-mouth marketing has even proven itself remarkable in its effectiveness in conversion. 

By organising events that immerse attendees in a unique, valuable and memorable experience, you’re creating opportunities to get people talking about and referring others to your future events, products, and services.

4. Lead Generation 

When you market your events and people register to attend, they have already shown interest in the product or service that you’re offering. In some cases, some of them are in the process of making a purchasing decision. Because of this, the right event allows you the opportunity to interact with a group of prospects that are already interested in who you are and what you provide.

In the event planning process, in order to maximize your returns, you should plan for ways to follow up with attendees after the event using the captured qualified leads’ information. 

5. Upsell 

As previously mentioned, those who choose to attend specific events have already expressed their interest in the product or service that its relevant to. Businesses can use this to their advantage and upsell during the events by introducing their products and services that attendees don’t already know about, or may not realise could address their needs.

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