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Experiencing frequent and persistent stiffness, aches, or pain in your body?

They could potentially be caused by:

  • A sedentary lifestyle

  • Long hours working 

  • High-intensity training

  • Unbalanced training resulting in muscular imbalances

  • Body's response to being stressed

Perhaps you’re experiencing one or more (or all) of the above causes, and the city-wide closure of massage parlours as a result of the circuit breaker probably isn’t helping the fact that you’re dreaming of getting a massage to relieve all the tensions and aches in your body. Well, dream no longer because here are some of BodyTree’s top picks for self-massage tools (the exact same portable and reliable ones that the BodyTree Group uses in their own studios) for some at-home tension relief - all available for purchase at the BodyTree Group’s online store. 

1. PBT Therapy Ball

The therapy ball is a great, handy self-massage tool especially to get a good massage for smaller body parts such as the feet. 


PBT Tip: for achy and tight feet, start with the ball at the heel end of the foot and add as much of your body weight onto that point on the ball. Work your way forward through the mid part of the foot, to the front before returning to your starting point and rolling firmly and slowly forward and backward. 

Click here to purchase. 

2. PBT Peanut

Sore shoulders? Use the PBT Peanut work is great for release work from the top of your shoulders down the back. 


Click here to purchase. 

When it comes to time-saving, adding vibration to your massage tool is the way to go. As leaders in whole-body vibration for over 20 years, Power Plate® has developed the following Targeted Vibration Products. 

3. Power Plate® DualSphere™ 

Perfect for effective and concentrated self-massage. Featuring a unique contoured shape and exclusive textured design, the DualSphere is ideal for targeting hard to reach areas including feet, neck and back to help relax and rejuvenate tight and sore muscles, release fascia and promote blood flow to help you prepare faster and recover quicker.


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4. Power Plate® Roller™ 


The Power Plate® Roller™, unlike a bulky foam roller, is a great portable vibrating massager. With 4 different vibrating speeds, you can get deeper into the muscles as compared to a traditional foam roller.

Click here to purchase. 

5. Power Plate® Pulse™ 


If you are familiar with release guns, the Power Plate® Pulse™ is a powerful, yet whisper-quiet, portable handheld massager. With 4 different speeds and an array of attachments, you will be able to zoom in and work out tension where you need it most.

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Register for 1 free Pilates BodyTree class of your choice!

To round up the month of May, The BodyTree Group are hosting a virtual event, BodyTree LIVE! Week , from the 25 to 31 May 2020 where they will be featuring 7 amazing classes with a specific daily goals. 


Class themes include:

  • Get rid of shoulder tension 

  • Stretch flow 

  • BarreCardio 

  • Dancer’s Flexibility Training

  • Bulletproof your joints for HIIT

  • Mobility with Matwork

  • Bulletproof back and core

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Pilates BodyTree is a team of teachers with a passion for life and the aim to enrich people's lives through movement. 

Whether to manage pain and injury or to increase enjoyment in a certain sport, career or family life, we believe that to live well, you have to move well. That requires flexibility, mobility and strength - what we call Mobility Fitness™.

It's more than just about building muscles, losing weight or breaking a sweat. It's about helping you to do things you love for a long, long time.