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We recognise how difficult it can be scouting for the best location to conduct your business. There are a few things that you can consider on this front to ease the process of startup or expansion, while minimising risk and costs. 

So, whether you’re a chiropractor looking to rent a treatment room, a counsellor in need of a consultation room, a personal trainer seeking gym space rental or a pilates instructor on the lookout for a group reformer studio, below are some key factors to consider as you scout for your new space in Singapore. 

Business Location 

Where your practice is located is one of the most important considerations when looking for space. It increases accessibility for your clients and allows people to come by more conveniently.

Think about it… How likely are you to regularly visit a place that is far away and difficult to get to as opposed to one that is nearby and easy to get to from your home? This is something that will be going through the minds of your clients as they make purchasing decisions. 

Who are your target audience? If your practice is specific to treating or training children or families, you might think about locating yourself in a family-centric area such as Dempsey. Conversely, if you target office workers, setting up your practice in the CBD is a selling point that might draw the attention of those working in the area. 


This is important not only for your convenience, but also for the clients you will be bringing into your space. The accessibility of your location is something they are going to associate with their experience with your business. That said, it’s important to consider factors that will affect their accessibility into your space such as parking, public transport, and even the more minute details like lifts and wheelchair access. 

Lease Length

When starting anything new, the lingering worry of uncertainty is one of the most challenging barriers to overcome. While it shouldn’t be something that stops you from trying to achieve your goals, there are a few considerations that you can keep in mind to help you plan for and manage any worse case scenarios. 

When looking for space to rent, consider the lease length. A shorter term lease will be less risky as it provides you the means for early exit should it be required. Coworking spaces such as Core Collective, a coworking space for fitness and wellness professionals, typically offer short-term leasing options for this exact reason! 

Facilities & Amenities 

Whatever service that your business provides, it’s also worth considering taking a preemptive approach with regards to facilities and amenities required to run your business and provide your clients with the best experience. 

For example, if you’re running a group fitness class, some things to consider are whether you need any equipment? How about changing rooms or showers for your clients to use before or after the class? Are these feasible in the space you’re looking at?

Aside from this, the cost of acquiring these equipment and building certain amenities can add up, so if you’d like to keep the costs at a minimal, consider space rental that has all (or at least most) of this included. 

Growth Opportunities

Being an entrepreneur means you’re faced with the risk of things not working out. Equally, your business can grow to heights you could never even begin to imagine. When scouting locations, think about what will best provide you with the most growth opportunities. 

At Core Collective we value providing our residents with growth opportunities beyond just physical expansion. We believe that a good support system in the form of excellent customer service, marketing and a well-bonded community of like-minded individuals, to name a few, can help take any business to new heights. 

Core Collective is building centres of excellence where the top fitness and wellness professionals collaborate to deliver best services and results for our customers, all under one roof. 

Are you a fitness, wellness or lifestyle professional looking to kick-start or expand your business? Find out more about space rental at Core Collective here.