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Many are skeptical about the need to hire a personal fitness trainer. I was certainly one of those people until I was given the opportunity to train with one of the highly talented personal trainers at Core Collective in Singapore.  

From my very first session I experienced a complete shift in how I perceived personal training. I realised that a personal trainer does so much more than just simply prescribe you a bunch of exercises and watch for your form during your sessions.

Training with a personal trainer was incredibly empowering and highly impactful to my fitness journey and today I’m sharing what I believe to be some of the top benefits of training with one! 

1. You can train less and achieve more  

I used to train almost every single day. This not only put my body in what felt like constant fatigue, but the busier I got with work, the more unrealistic it was to maintain that kind of fitness schedule. 

Personal training taught me that you don't need to work out six or seven days a week to see progress. Within just four weeks of training a mere three times a week with my trainer, I had seen amazing results - reduced fat percentage, increased muscle mass, and a reflection in the mirror of what seemed to me like a more lean and confident version of myself. 

Of course this wasn’t some sort of magic spell placed upon me by my trainer. I had to work hard during all sessions, as well as practice discipline outside my sessions as well. However, with the guidance of my personal trainers, it was made the progress much simpler - which leads me to my next point.

2. You receive guidance beyond just on the gym floor 

When you engage a personal trainer, you get so much more than their attention during your one hour sessions at the gym. It’s 100% true that achieving your fitness goals goes beyond what you do at the gym. My personal trainer was available for me to contact 24/7 and offered me constant guidance in so many different aspects on my life besides just fitness. 

When I had specific doubts or questions about my meal plan and whether or not certain ingredients I was using in my cooking would help me get closer to my goals, I could always consult my trainer. I'd even send mine restaurant menu photos on days that I’d eat out with friends and family to get their recommendations and ensure that I was constantly making the smartest choices for myself.

It was the little details like these that really accelerated the results. 

3. A trainer pushes you to accomplish what you never imagined you could 

What’s funny is that I used to think I was really pushing myself in my own workouts - that was until I trained with my trainers. The sessions I had with my trainers were some of the most challenging, but rewarding (and fun!). Personal trainers bring your workouts to a whole new level and they really push you to limits you never even thought you could reach. 

Not only were my trainers constantly motivating me when I felt like giving up mid-way through a set, but their genuine belief in me was so encouraging and inspired me to give me all every single time.

4. A trainer holds you accountable so you have no choice but to achieve your goals 

Consistency truly is key in order to see results. However, as human beings, one of our greatest enemies is the lack of motivation that can cause us to become the complete opposite of it at times. 

A personal trainer holds you accountable so you can avoid missing workouts because “you just don’t feel like it today”. Accountability with a personal trainer doesn’t stop there. 

For most of us, consistency in working out is only one problem. Another common issue? DIET! I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to change up my diet to supplement my workouts and help me achieve my own personal goals. A lot of the time, I’d be good for about a week, and then go back to my old habits. 

My trainer gave me the option to share photos of what I was eating on a daily basis. While this seemed kind of crazy initially, it helped me immensely, especially in the transition phase of eating more whole foods and less processed foods to help me achieve my fitness goals more quickly.

5. You can fully let go of all the pressure, and trust the process 100% of the way 

You know the feeling when you’re kind of afraid to step on the scale because you’re not sure whether you’ll be disappointed by either the possibility of regression or just seeing no change at all? Yeah, me too. 

Training with a personal trainer completely robbed that feeling away from me. When I was training with a personal trainer, I actually started looking forward to our scheduled check-in sessions which would consist of taking progress photos, stepping on the scale and getting proper (and accurate) body fat percentage checks. 

Part of the reason why this was the case was because I could fully and genuinely trust the process with my trainers. I knew, without a single doubt, that I was on the right track with all the guidance I had been receiving.

This was, for sure, the best part of it all. 

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