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Water is an essential nutrient for our bodies. Our organs and tissues depend on it to play vital roles in our system including nutrient transportation, thermoregulation (limiting changes in body temperature in warm and cold environments), joint lubrication and shock absorbency to protect your organs and tissues - just to name a few. 

We all know the importance of drinking lots of water for our health, however, whether one should drink cold or warm water in the morning is a topic that is often debated upon. 

While this is not to say that cold water in totality is better than the other, there are a few particular scenarios in which cold water can benefit your system. 

Here are 4 potential benefits of drinking cold water.

1. Helps with weight loss

If you’re trying to lose some weight, this benefit might be of interest to you. According to research published on Active magazine, research found that drinking six cups of cold water boosts your resting metabolism by 50 calories daily - enough to shed five pounds in a year.  

This increase in metabolism is thought to be a result of the extra work that it takes to maintain the internal body temperature. While the extra calories you could potentially burn drinking a single glass of cold water doesn’t amount to much, turning it into a habit might really add up in the long run. 

2. Keeps you hydrated and boosts performance during workouts 


Studies have shown that people tend to drink approximately 50 percent more cold water compared to warm when they exercise. As a result of this, they were less dehydrated during their workouts

In addition to being able to keep you hydrated, other studies have found that when working out in heat and humidity, drinking cold water slows down the rise in core body temperature compared to lukewarm water. According to a specialist in sports nutrition, you feel more fatigued when you’re hot. It appears that cold water enables us to exercise longer without feeling exhausted! 

3. Aids with constipation

You’ve most likely experienced the irritating and uncomfortable feeling of constipation at some point in your life. According to Healthline, drinking more cold plain water is one of the simplest remedies for anyone suffering from constipation. This is because constipation is tied to a dehydrated colon. When you’re properly hydrated, your body doesn’t need to take excess water from your colon. This is where drinking cold water can help in preventing constipation. 

4. Helps to combat heat stroke 

Singapore is hot all year around and participating in strenuous activity in the heat or staying in a hot place for too long can cause your body temperature to rise rapidly putting you at risk of heatstroke. Drinking cool water can help to combat heat stroke to keep you hydrated and regulate your body temperature. However, Mayoclinic suggests avoiding very cold drinks which can cause stomach cramps. 

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