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Businesses are always looking out for organic ways to grow their brand recognition, drive website traffic, and generate leads with the most efficient marketing strategies. 

LinkedIn is an unbelievably powerful tool for individuals and businesses to build personal branding, organisational branding, and the business itself. In a time where professional social networking has taken off since the last decade, you’d want to establish a good foundation for yourself. 

In this article, we take advice from entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and innovators who know how to leverage the power of LinkedIn. Our goal is to make sure you walk away with the tips, tricks, and strategies to make your own profile stand out and to bring success to your personal brand, organizational brand, and most importantly, your business.

Building Your Personal Brand 

There are 2 fundamental elements you need to build your personal brand.

1. It’s all YOU

Promoting yourself on a professional networking platform is not a place to exhibit your alter ego. It has to genuinely be all about you, a record that eventually shows how much you’ve grown professionally when you look back on it. 

Give deep thoughts and reflect what is unique about yourself, translate your personality into a visualised personal branding. Alternatively, you can find gaps in an important issue or topic you relate to and frame that. 

For example, musicians Rolling Stone and Queen dedicated their lives to rock and built a brand image on that; Ashton Kutcher, originally an actor, co-founded Thorn.org an organization that builds technology to defend against child trafficking. 

2. Be consistent

After making your profile come to life, how do you fire it up and make your brand become a business?

Be consistent in your postings and engagements. Someone left a comment or question? Great! Now, reply to it. 

Make your brand reflect who you are by incorporating your logo and/or tagline into small details like the header image, bio, e-brochures, or articles. 

Additionally, if most of the clients and referrals you’re looking to build your network on are on LinkedIn, then it’s a great place to get comfortable creating engaging content.

Building Your Organisational Brand 

LinkedIn may be considered a primary lead generation and connection-creating tool, but it also acts as an essential business branding tool. 

In many of the latest social media industry reports, LinkedIn ranks among the top places for enhancing brand recognition, especially among Business to Business (B2B) specialists. Business entrepreneurs and professionals recognize LinkedIn’s strategic marketing value in this respect, as well as in other aspects of branding.

For startups setting up their company brand on LinkedIn, instead of using sponsored content straightaway, it’s good to try building brand awareness organically.

Use the feature elements within LinkedIn and create educational content related to your industry or area of specialization with evidence-based information about the insights you’ve shared. If you found this article through LinkedIn, then it’s the perfect example to show you how we’re doing it! 

Since LinkedIn’s objective is to give the user a better experience, the algorithm is more accessible to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. As long as your audience finds your posts informative, credible, helpful and relatable, you’re bound to get responses and engagements. 

LinkedIn Infographic
Image credit: neilpatel.com

Building your business 

Using LinkedIn for various purposes like viral lead generation, content marketing, recruitment of new talent, product launch marketing, and search engine visibility allows for more efficient sales and marketing. 

You can reach key decision makers within organisations relatively faster, a lot easier than traditional methods of cold calling or door knocking. For sales professionals, it proved to be useful in generating leads and resulted in high conversion rates. 

Previously on LinkedIn, businesses simply used direct messaging to set appointments and generate leads. Now, professionals can also improve their business presence by combining storytelling of their company background and generating leads. Storytelling helps people grasp concepts in a vivid and visual manner, allowing them to retain information better.

If you’re a solopreneur, you could grow from your personal branding. If you’re an established company focused on ROIs, we recommend targeting the corporate market. Essentially, the content, followers, and connections you build should be relevant to the networks you wish to make. 

Put these LinkedIn brand awareness tips into practice

As we know, social media is constantly evolving, and LinkedIn and the many features it offers are growing with it. Use these pointers we have provided to add a new dimension to how you and/or your business interacts with your clients and network. It’s also a good way to build a close community. 

If you’re looking for ways to grow your business, experimenting with these LinkedIn methods to establish a strong personal branding, organisational branding, and your business is a great way to begin! 

Bonus tip: try out some of LinkedIn’s free online courses to understand how to communicate better to your potential clients and networks. 

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