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Once upon a time, many could only dream of starting a business. Today, the barriers of entry to becoming an entrepreneur has reduced significantly resulting in more and more budding entrepreneurs starting and building their businesses from nothing at all increasing competition within any given market.

Building a unique brand identity is one one of the ways that businesses can stand out and distinguish themselves from its the sea of competitors and the success of many businesses including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Apple (all of which I’m certain those of you reading will know by name), are a testimony to how effective building a valuable brand can be.

If you’re a fitness, wellness or lifestyle business owner looking to build a profitable and distinguishable business, here's why you should start with developing your brand. 

Branding improves recognition

A strong brand is what helps the public instantly recognise and recall your business. Elements such as brand logos and taglines are typically the most customer-facing and recognisable aspects of a brand. 

Think about it for yourself; we all know the iconic swoosh and the infamous “Just Do It” tagline belong to Nike. This is something we should all aspire to be able to achieve through our logo and tagline (if we choose to incorporate one), because the more people can recognise your brand from the get-go, the more top-of-mind it will be, and thus the more likely people will be to engage with your product or service when they want or need it! 

Branding creates trust 

Whether you’re in the fitness, wellness or lifestyle industry, people are more likely to engage in your service if your business appears legitimate and reliable. 

Branding helps you position your business in the mind of your consumers in the way that you want to be perceived. Through consistent branding you have the ability to establish your business as reputable, competent and as experts-in-the-field which means that at any point they feel they need your product or service, they are more likely to approach you for it.

Branding inspires employees 

Building a brand is just as much about inspiring the team internally as the public. Building a brand is highly dependent on defining your brand promise and mission. These are statements which clearly establish the brands purpose, that is what they should aim to deliver consistently to customers every single time they interact with them as well as the ideal future of the business. This not only provides employees with a clear roadmap of where the business aspires to be as a brand but also drives a motivated and inspired workforce. 

Not to mention that building a brand and setting aside brand values is what really creates a strong work culture within the company and amongst the team which in turn can uplift your current employees and continue to attract the right talent (and ideal customers) towards your business. 

Although we know the importance of branding, many business owners today neglect the focus of it. The truth is that with more and more people being presented with the opportunity of bringing their entrepreneurial dreams to life with multiple business offerings, now is a great time to start developing your brand. 

Not sure where or how to start in building your brand? Join us in our upcoming webinar Create & Develop a Unique Brand Identity led by the Core Collective marketing team. 


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