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If you’ve found it difficult to stick to a fitness routine in the past, don’t feel discouraged because it’s incredibly common. Rather, focus your energy on doing what it takes to stay committed this time around by etching fitness into your lifestyle. That way, rather than being something you need to get done everyday, it’ll become something you can’t imagine life without! 

Here are 10 unconventional motivation tips from Personal Trainer and Founder of ProJack X, Jack Oberoi, to help you stay true and committed to your fitness routine.

1. Insightful thinking 

Ask yourself this: what is the one lesson COVID-19 can teach all of us? 

Wasn’t the virus fair to us all regardless of our race, gender, social status, or possessions? I believe our thoughts can align in that the one discriminating factor that impacts the likelihood of contracting the virus is health and fitness. 

Studies suggest that regular exercise improves the ability to regulate the immune system which could have a role in fighting off certain symptoms of COVID-19. It seems that our health, which many of us took for granted before this pandemic, can be protected by simply making a choice to promote a more active lifestyle. 

There are many who didn’t make the time to exercise regularly prior to COVID-19 and are still in a healthy state today. If you’re one of those people, Isn’t that a privilege? Shouldn’t you take this opportunity to appreciate your body enough to do what you can to take care of it?  

2. Paradigm shifting 

One of the most important things I’ve learned in life is understanding paradigms. Our life is truly dictated by paradigms - a multitude of ideas, thoughts and beliefs. 

A paradigm shift occurs when our usual way of thinking or doing things is replaced by a new and different way of thinking or acting. While it’s unrealistic to expect yourself to be able to go from not exercising at all, to suddenly living a super active lifestyle, the process of this particular paradigm shift can be made easier using the strategy of changing your identity first. 

There’s a difference between telling yourself “I will go to the gym 4 times a day” or “I will watch my diet and lose 10 pounds”, and “I am someone who won’t miss my workout routine” or “I eat healthy food everyday”. Work on your identity and the core of who you are - habits will naturally follow. 

3. Prepare your schedule the night before 


The most successful and highly effective people have every single hour of their day scheduled in their diary. Learn from these people by blocking out an hour for your workout the night before. You can also try training at different times of the day, and see what time works best for you. I believe we can always make time for the things that are really important to us. 

4. Do NOT be goal-oriented 

Yup, you read that correctly! Think about it like this… How many times have you given yourself big goals or New Year’s resolutions, and not been able to fulfill them?

Take, for instance, someone who is unable to even do a single pushup but is working towards their goal of doing 20 pushups. While this is not to say it’s impossible, it does take time to get there and can often feel overwhelming, discouraging and demoralising. 

Rather than focus on these big goals, focus on the smaller and more achievable milestones. For example, first, focus on getting your form right. Then, aim to do one more rep than you did yesterday, and so on. You’ll find yourself feeling much more encouraged and feeling like you’re accomplishing more, even without a big goal in mind. 

5. Embrace authenticity 


You are you, and that’s your power. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do what you enjoy. This applies in all aspects of life - including your fitness routine. Don’t force yourself to do a certain type of exercise solely because your friends are doing it, or because someone you idolise is doing it. 

Remember that what works for someone else, might not work for you. However, what does and will always work is consistency, which is much easier to achieve when you’re doing something that genuinely excites you. In the case that you still have difficulties finding an enjoyable routine that also gives you the results you want, seeking a professional who can be with you throughout your journey can be a worthy investment. 

6. Workout where you’re comfortable 

A beginner, or someone who isn’t a pro at something might easily call it quits the moment they feel insufficient or intimidated. Perhaps you know the feeling of working out in an environment full of incredibly fit people. You might feel judged and self-conscious when in reality - no one really cares about you! Everyone at the gym is too preoccupied focusing on themselves - and you be should too.  

That said, don’t doubt yourself if you feel that way because it’s typical human behaviour. Instead, remind yourself that you have your own strengths in other areas of your life, and don’t let intimidation get in the way. 

When many of my clients shifted to online personal training during the quarantine period, I noticed that many of them were performing with much better technique, greater focus and overall ease. The only changing factor? There was no unknown fear of who was watching. 

7. Be smart and specific 

I always encourage my clients to work hard and smart. Your hard-earned money and precious time must be utilised to reach your desired outcome effectively and efficiently. 

Working smart is being specific in what you do and ensuring that your process aligns with what you want to achieve. For example, if you’re a woman wanting to become curvier, think about what you should do specifically to achieve this. Do you think running will help? How about if your doctor advises you specifically to work on your cardio. Are you doing the right thing by lifting weights? 

It can be really complicated to work on the right process that aligns with your desired outcome, and in this case, seeking a professional’s help may save you time, energy and money in the long run. 


8. Know the difference between “health” and “wealth” 

Wealth is a game that compounds. Health is a game that plateaus (and then declines). As we age, the time that we prioritise spending in either of these should shift; we should spend more time doing what we can to keep our body fit and healthy, and less time making money. 

9. Set priorities 

What are your top three priorities? Go ahead and take a minute to think about this right now. Once you’ve established those priorities, the next tip is fairly simple… Be integral and do what needs to be done to achieve those priorities! 

Perhaps that sounded super obvious. However, you’d be surprised at how many people know what they want to achieve, but don’t take the fundamental or necessary steps to work towards getting there. 

Taking the first step is often the hardest part. But taking the subsequent steps becomes much easier afterwards, so just do it. 

10. Treat your energy like you'd treat money 

If your friend asks you to lend him $10,000, wouldn’t you want to know what he’ll use it for? If the money was going to be used for a good purpose, you’ll probably lend him the money, but if he were to use it to gamble, would you still lend it? We’re careful with how we use our money. 

We work, travel, wake up early, meet friends, attend gatherings, and all these activities take up energy. Just like money, energy is a finite resource that should be wisely invested and carefully allocated on things and people who are a priority or align with the greater purpose we have in life. 

Your energy is precious. Wherever you choose to expend it, ensure positive outcomes derive from it. Obey this rule of life and I guarantee you'll never run out of energy or feel too tired. 

Rather, you'll be living the most fulfilling life. 

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ProJack X was born out of two like-minded people; Jack, the Founder, and Jojo, Jack’s ex-client, who wanted to do something ethical together. ProjackX gets its name from the strong belief they hold: that every client’s goal is a project to be delivered by a deadline. 

Their vision is to inspire people, help them discover who they really are, and make training with them the most incredible experience in a client's life journey.