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Angelo Locher

About Angelo

Angelo is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and has been involved in fitness and nutrition for over two decades. Fitness has always been his passion since young. He has coached and guided many individuals through personal training for strength, endurance, and overall fitness, in both private and group settings. Angelo setup SlimAndFitClub in Malaysia and developed various exercise modules for group fitness classes.  

He has broad knowledge in fitness and nutrition, plus with the vast experience in the industry, he can be of tremendous help to individuals who want to achieve their goals, be it in being fit, staying healthy, toning up and in weight management.

Being a senior, he understands perfectly what it means to exercise once you’re not anymore 20 years old. The challenges are different but so are his methods. To Angelo, age is no excuse not to pursue a healthy and fit lifestyle. He can get his clients to a health and fitness level that they would never have believed themselves to be able to achieve. He’s even trained heavy, overweight clients to a point where they’ve been able to finish a half marathon in a good time.

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What Customers Say

Testimonial of Fiona

"I have been training with Angelo since September 2019, but moved to training at Core Collective at the start of 2020 because of the improved facilities and atmosphere versus my condo's gym's.

Angelo tailors a very personal program and is excellent at pushing you and making training challenging but fun. He is always full of energy and motivates you to achieve your goals.

A combination of Angelo's training and the fantastic facilities and equipment at Core Collective Dempsey, has helped me to be stronger, fitter and to lose some weight - combined with helping me balance my stress levels.

I would recommend both Angelo and Core Collective for anyone who wants to get their weight, fitness levels and/or stress relief back on track."

Fiona Stephens (right)
Personal Training client