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About The Nutrition Clinic

The Nutrition Clinic helps motivated women regain their energy, focus, gut and hormonal balance – without extreme lifestyle changes so that they can reclaim a vibrant life, even if they feel unheard and don’t know what to do next.

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Dr Pooja Vig

Dr Pooja is trained in Functional Medicine and has been practising in Singapore for over 12 years, having seen over 3500 clients. Pooja’s approach is empathetic and kind - because she knows first-hand what it feels like to be struggling with symptoms - overwhelmed and confused by what to do next.

Dr Pooja is an expert at using a combination of integrative nutrition, functional lab assessments, and consideration of the lifestyle and environment of a person to effectively address the most stubborn health problems and imbalances.

“Wellness and nutrition isn’t cookie cutter - it has to take into account behaviour, lifestyle, stress and sleep too. We can never forget the person behind the symptoms.”


  • BSC (HONS), Microbiology
  • DR Kalish Functional Medicine Mentorship
  • Certificate of Nutrition and Metabolic Medicine (University of Bridgeport)
  • AFMCP by The Institute of Functional Medicine