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About Rehab & Beyond

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Jaden Lim

Jaden is an AHPC Registered Physiotherapist as well as an ACSM Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer and Clinical Exercise Physiologist, holding a Master’s degree from Australia.

With more than a decade of experience working in public hospital, sports teams and private settings, he specializes in sports injury management, post-surgery physiotherapy, and rehabilitation for people with medical conditions such as stroke and Parkinson's disease.

Jaden is passionate about providing physiotherapy treatment that is backed by science and research. Besides presenting his own award-winning research papers in local and international conferences, he also conducts workshops on back/neck pain and teaches topics such as the management of shoulder, hip, knee & ankle injuries.

Jaden believes that "people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care". He strives to understand his clients’ needs, goals and priorities before selecting the most appropriate treatment approach. For his dedication and professionalism, he has earned many positive reviews as well as three Service Excellence Awards in as many years.

Jaden is the founder and Principal Physiotherapist at Rehab & Beyond Pte Ltd.


Joanne Chong

Joanne graduated from the University of Canberra with a degree in Sports Administration and worked in Singapore Sports Council.
Feeling the benefits of Pilates, Joanne pursued Pilates certification under Stott Pilates and Smart Movement. Today, she marries the best of both contemporary and classical pilates to create programs for post-acute conditions to restore, realign and rebuild the body. 

Like the name of the company, Pilates goes beyond rehabilitation. It has enduring benefits to the mind and body due to the deep-rooted principles of breathing, centring and control.

Subsequently, the communication changes and Joanne teaches to develop internal power. She uses phrases like “Powerhouse, stretch, strength and control”, to help you visualise the movement and channel your internal power. This is done through the philosophy of Contrology and by teaching the original pilates repertoire. 

Joanne will guide you to master the 34 Mat
exercises using pilates apparatus to help you get there.  
Major Certifications:

  • Smart Movement Asia Original Pilates Intermediate
  • Stott Pilates Injuries and Special Population & Level 1 Mat & Reformer
  • 2018 Stott Pilates Advanced and Full Certification
  • EBFA Barefoot Training Advanced Level
  • EBFA Neurosensory Certification
  • Centre of Women’s Fitness – Pre and Post Natal
  • Scolio-Pilates Level 2
  • Cancer Exercise, Cancer Exercise Training Institute


Patsy Soh

Patsy Soh is a NZ Registered Dietitian with a BSc in Human Nutrition from the University of Otago, New Zealand, a Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics, an MSc in Human Nutrition and 15 years of experience. 

She started working in Changi General Hospital (CGH) and quickly gained clinical experience in seeing patients with diabetes, high cholesterol, gout, kidney disease, the elderly and weight management. After working for 5+ years in an acute hospital, Patsy moved on to the corporate world to work for Nestlé, one of the largest food manufacturers in the world. She worked with various departments in Nestle to help attain the Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) for their products and also trained all staff in health and nutrition. Subsequently, she returned to the clinical field of nutrition, but this time it was to conduct research on preemies (pre-term babies). It was upon the conclusion of the research study that Patsy decided to stay at home, due to the growing needs of her 3 kids (including a pair of twins). 

As a dietitian, Patsy believes being fit and healthy is a holistic experience, hence nutrition, physical activity and emotional well-being have to go hand in hand. To this end, Patsy completed a FISAF (Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness) course to be a Personal Trainer. This would better equip her to give exercise prescriptions in addition to dietary advice. She especially loves helping parents get back their fitness and back to healthy body weight.

Patsy works amongst Rehab & Beyond's team of therapists to help others achieve their weight loss/maintenance goals through practical nutrition and exercise prescriptions. 

You can also learn more about their Nutrition & Dietetics services by clicking here to enquire.


Linn Choo

Linn’s Pilates journey started in Hong Kong as a post-natal client. In addition to rehabilitation from childbirth conditions, Linn also has a history of thigh bone fracture and scoliosis. These resulted in physical weakness and pain due to structural misalignments and a poor physical state post-childbirth.

Today, Linn has grown stronger and “taller” through the Pilates system and strength training.

She believes that everyone can take control of their bodies and improve their quality of life through movement. She will guide you on your journey to better health and fitness through Pilates.

Certifications & Training:

  • STOTT - Certified Mat & Reformer
  • STOTT - Intensive Cadillac, Chair and Barrels
  • Scolio-Pilates - Module 1
  • Movement Academy - Rehabilitative Pilates
  • Bachelor Degree in Business Management (Cum Laude)