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About Rehab & Beyond

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Jaden Lim

Jaden is an AHPC Registered Physiotherapist as well as an ACSM Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer and Clinical Exercise Physiologist, holding a Master’s degree from Australia.

With more than a decade of experience working in public hospital, sports teams and private settings, he specializes in sports injury management, post-surgery physiotherapy, and rehabilitation for people with medical conditions such as stroke and Parkinson's disease.

Jaden is passionate about providing physiotherapy treatment that is backed by science and research. Besides presenting his own award-winning research papers in local and international conferences, he also conducts workshops on back/neck pain and teaches topics such as the management of shoulder, hip, knee & ankle injuries.

Jaden believes that "people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care". He strives to understand his clients’ needs, goals and priorities before selecting the most appropriate treatment approach. For his dedication and professionalism, he has earned many positive reviews as well as three Service Excellence Awards in as many years.

Jaden is the founder and Principal Physiotherapist at Rehab & Beyond Pte Ltd.

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Cheryl Ng

Being a competitive bowler in her teenage years, Cheryl suffered from years of discomfort and chronic back pains and was diagnosed with scoliosis.

Her relative, who was also her physiotherapist, suggested Pilates as a way to alter the imbalances in her body. That was 2009, when Pilates was less popular and less accessible. Her journey only began in 2010 when she went to Australia for university studies.

As a young adult who had just returned to Singapore from university, she dove into building a corporate career and didn’t continue with her practice. The postures used in the corporate setting led to more aches and pains in her neck, shoulders, and back. She managed it with painkillers but the voice of Pilates kept calling her back. Feeling frustrated, she thought “Enough is enough!” and returned to Pilates. After 2 years of consistent disciplined practice, she began her education with master trainer Kevin Bowen of Core Dynamics Pilates and was certified to teach in December 2020.

Cheryl continued her education with Ole Eugenio of Smart Movement Asia where she learnt the origins of the Pilates system and the essence of each exercise. The revelation of the “powerhouse” and “lift” helped her appreciate the principles of Pilates when executing each move.

Major Certifications:

  • Core Dynamics - Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program
  • Smart Movement Asia - Original Mat, Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, Barrels
  • The Center for Women's Fitness - Pre and Postnatal Pilates Specialist™
  • The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery Specialist™
  • EBFA - Neurosensory Specialist

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Debra Ow

Debra is a physiotherapist with a strong passion in musculoskeletal / orthopaedic rehabilitation and geriatric care. Prior to joining Rehab & Beyond, she worked in Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) and St Luke’s ElderCare for 9 years as a senior physiotherapist. She has rich experience in the whole spectrum of rehabilitation, from acute care, to outpatient, and community settings. She has worked with patients extensively in their own homes, seeing an array of musculoskeletal, neurological, and orthopaedic conditions. In the community setting, she worked closely with community partners to curate exercise programmes, and conducted public talks.

Debra is also trained in Clinical Pilates under Smart Movement International, to help patients with their recovery, allowing her to provide better quality of rehabilitation to clients ranging from various conditions.

She is also a certified AHPC supervisor and clinical educator, who has supervised students from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) during their clinical placements. 

Relevant Certifications:

  • AHPC Clinical Supervisor
  • Clinical Educator (SIT)
  • Otago Exercise Leader
  • EBFA Neurosensory Specialist
  • The Center for Women's Fitness - Pre and Postnatal Pilates Specialist™