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About Phil

Olympic coach. Personal Trainer. Obsessed with discovering the full potential and fostering a high-performance culture amongst teams and clients. SUP and surf guru with a holistic approach to optimising a healthy lifestyle.

He can help with:
- fat loss
- improve strength
- movement mechanics
- cardiovascular health
- injury rehabilitation
- performance/events

From a young age, Phil has had a passion for sport, which eventually saw him representing Team GB in Sailing. While he was competing, he started to develop a keen interest in health, physiology and human performance.

Believing that each individual has unique physical potential, Phil has always been fascinated in finding ways to get the best out of people.

He offers a variety of personal training packages that are tailored to individual goals. He believes fitness is a journey in discovering what you are capable of and making it a lifestyle.

Connect with Phil on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

What Customers Say

Testimonial of Irene

"I have been training with Phil for almost a year now and its been an awesome and exciting journey.

When we first met and trained, it was also my first time stepping into a gym and had no clue at all about this part of the world. With his superb approach, guidance and patience, I was able to easily and quickly adapt and eventually in love with the journey.

He has been successfully making every single training session to be a fun and enjoyable one. Phil knows very well how to motivate and challenge me to reach my best performance. He specifically tailored my program to reach the goals that we have set together. His big passion and wide knowledge for his client's health and performance gave a big influence and inspiration for me to train and work even harder towards my goals.

Very lucky and grateful for having him as my personal trainer and SUP (Stand-Up Paddle) coach, helping me to get stronger each day, challenging me to reach higher performance and going outside of my comfort zone. I highly recommend him!"

Irene Wanandi
Personal Training client

Testimonial of Patrick

"Phil has been my personal trainer since April this year and has been fantastic. He is clearly passionate and extremely knowledgeable about sport and how to help others build strength and fitness.

Phil is always positive and encouraging. Under his expert guidance I’ve been able to lift more weight than I ever thought possible and can now do pull ups!

Thanks to his way of pushing me to do more I am now the fittest and strongest I’ve ever felt. He also makes all this hard work into a lot of fun! I highly recommended training with Phil."

Personal Training client