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About No Limit Training

We use evidence-based training methods to help you evolve your fitness journey no matter your starting point. With strength & conditioning training at the heart of our philosophy, our mission is to create a lasting impact and inspire you to be a healthier, stronger, and happier version of yourself.

It’s more than exercise; it’s tailored training sessions for your unique goals, empowering you with knowledge, confidence, and passion to instil lifelong habits. 

Our Core Values:

Individualised Training – We identify your goals, needs, and abilities to come up with a program specific to you. There’s no one-size fits all. 

Fuelled with Purpose – We start with your dream, and transform your ambitions into a plan. Breaking down goals into manageable steps infuses each training session with purpose. Each win keeps you motivated and focused to continue laying down one success after another.

Winning Mindset – The key ingredient to success is consistency. Training isn’t about punishment; that mindset leads to burnout. While determination is a strong short-term driver, it won’t last forever. So be patient. Take time to identify what fuels your flame, embrace the grind, and learn to appreciate the journey.

Let’s start training and pushing your limits!

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Marc Wente

Having spent 12 years in corporate life, I swapped my tie for a passion-fuelled pursuit in fitness, realizing what drives me is helping people establish healthier, lifelong habits and continuously challenge their limits.

I love spending time outdoors and playing sports. Exploring and learning various training methods has enabled me to stay in shape and ready for the next adventure, and I’ll do everything I can to continue enjoying life’s simple pleasures into my eighties.

Over my 20 years in the fitness industry, I’ve learned how critical strength training is to remaining healthy, and that the secret isn’t always in training harder, but in training smarter. I’m on a mission to share this method with you.


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • ISA Certified Personal Trainer
  • ISA Essential Sports Science Certificate
  • CPR & AED