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Michelle Lavergne

About Michelle

Michelle helps people regain the confidence that they are missing.

She is a women’s Wellness & Nutrition Coach and (former) rugby-playing mum of two busy boys, and trains and coaches women who have already started their health and wellness journey with the best of intentions, but have failed to achieve the results they are looking for.  She optimises her clients’ current baseline by tweaking and sharpening their exercise and nutrition skills, and provides them with the necessary tools to set them up for life. 

If you’re a mum at home or working part-time/full-time with little time for proper nutrition or good quality workouts, and are feeling burnt out or utterly exhausted; Michelle is the right trainer for you. 

She knows that each of you have the strength to reach your goals, but struggle to create a personalised exercise routine for yourself. With so much information about exercise and nutrition available online, where do you begin? 

Michelle believes that you’re capable of looking and feeling your best, and if you aspire to be the best version of you, then she’s right there with you.

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