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About Michele

Michele Chong is an Internationally Certified Sound Therapist and a member of the Therapeutic Sound Association in the UK.

A gifted music composer and vocal coach, with more than a decade's worth of music training and practical experience in administering sound therapy, she is known for her ability to help thousands of people around the world to live more healthily through the use of the right music, sounds to soothe senses, and the use of frequencies to heal, balance emotions and soothe past traumas.

As a certified mindfulness mediation facilitator, and mental health and relationship coach, Michele specialises in using different sound frequencies to heal people with chronic illness or mental health problems. With many years of experience and a strong track record, Michele continues to build on her past knowledge and experience, so that she can serve her life mission and purpose even better.

“Nothing is impossible” is Michele’s motivating quote for everyone.

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