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About Mandy T Skin Lab & Skincare

Mandy T Skin Lab offers bespoke treatments that are uniquely customised according to the condition of your skin. They believe that every individual skin type is unique and takes pride in customising treatment plans for each individual according to their goals and expectations.

All treatments are tailored to individual and personal experiences, and results may vary. A one-to-one consultation with their Skin Expert is recommended to discuss your treatment options before any treatment. Each 60 to 90-minute minimally invasive treatment blends clinical-grade technology with scientifically proven products to give the skin exactly what it needs at that moment. Radio Frequency, Ultrasound, Cryotherapy and Manipulation of the Facial Muscles are incorporated into bespoke treatments that are based on the condition of the skin rather than a type.

Results speak for themselves: See visibly brighter, hydrated, and firmer-looking skin in as little as an hour.

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At MANDY T, they believe in living green, simply, and naturally. Mandy T Skincare award-winning products are freshly handcrafted by Mandy Leena Tan, a certified Aesthetician and Aromatherapist, in small batches at a boutique workshop in Singapore.

This ensures the highest quality ingredients and delivers a powerful yet natural final product that keeps your skin fresh, healthy, and radiant.  MANDY T currently has a total of 20 varieties of bath and body care products, consisting of body scrubs, body cream, bath salts, bar soaps, and ambience aroma essentials.​

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