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Lucretia Cheng-Perlich

About Lucretia

Lucretia was teaching group aerobics for more than a decade when she discovered that she suffered from a degenerative spine way before her time. Since then, she began to dive deeper into the biomechanics of the body and various methodologies in injury prevention and healing practices.

In 2016, she completed her RYS200 training, studied Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy, with an emphasis in Pranayama. By 2019, she graduated as a Polestar Pilates teacher and passed the PMA certification, obtaining the licence to teach Pilates worldwide. She is also certified in the Franklin Method and RehabTrainer.

As a culmination of her knowledge and experience both as a mover and movement teacher, she created the class Release and Rejuvenate last year to empower people with the necessary skills for mindful movement.

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What Customers Say


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"I was initially recommended by my husband to try out Lucretia's classes. Since then, I have been attending Pilates Mat classes conducted by Lucretia for the past four years.

They've certainly helped to relieve and eliminate my back issues which had been troubling me for years and the quality of my life is better. I am fitter, I move better and I know what exercise to work on when my back acts up on certain days.

During Singapore's circuit breaker period due to COVID-19, I didn't miss any of my pilates classes with Lucretia because she put in so much effort to ensure I could continue my pilates classes virtually. Because of this, I managed to keep fit while maintaining a safe distance from people.

I'd recommend Lucretia's class for anyone who may be experiencing any structural issues, or simply longs for a nice movement experience."

Loong Wai Leng 
Virtual Mat Pilates 


"I first encountered Lucretia when I attended a corporate Pilates Mat class taught by her over a year ago. Since then, I've been attending her Pilates Reformer classes. Of all the instructors I have trained with, Lucretia is definitely my favourite.

Lucretia is very experienced and never fails to incorporate various tools like the Oov and Franklin balls to enhance my pilates experience and I am constantly discovering new muscle groups to work on. Her classes have helped me manage the pain in various areas of my body such as my shoulders, elbows, upper and lower back. On top of that I'm guaranteed a good workout that strengthens my core.

Core Collective is well equipped with reformer machines and other pilates equipment to elevate the lessons. The room and equipment are clean and well maintained and the venue itself is designed with a systematic flow that allows you to prepare yourself as you enter for class."

Lynda Tan
Private Pilates