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About Life Code Fitness


Jorge Jimenez

With almost 30 years of fitness industry experience and having struggled with being overweight in his teenage years, Jorge understands exactly what it takes, not only to turn your life around but to create a lasting impact.

Whether you are a beginner to fitness or an advanced lifter, Jorge will create a tailored training program for you that is simple, achievable and effective.  His approach has always been realistic. Helping you develop new habits that you will be able to keep for the rest of your life is his primary goal.

Whether you are a student or a CEO, in your 20’s or 60’s, his commitment to your results is unparalleled. And, if you are interested, he also happen to teach some of the best group fitness classes on the planet.

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What Customers Say

Testimonial of Georgina

“I attended Jorge's Les Mills BodyPump class and it's great to be back. What I missed the most about Jorge's in-studio classes was the sense of community and energy that came with attending a class of a larger size.”

Geovenn Lim (1st from left)
Les Mills BODYBUMP Group Class client


The image above does not portray the real person who provided this testimonial.

"I have been training with Jorge since June 2019.

My focus was to get stronger so that I could live a better life, without feeling tired and drained all the time. I had a target of being able to do one push up on my toes. Three months after training with Jorge, I was doing 10 (then 20, then 30). We have set new strength targets since. I have more energy and clarity at work and with each goal that I have achieved, my mental health and resilience has improved remarkably too.

Jorge has impeccable knowledge of training techniques and gives precise instructions on how to execute a specific exercise. Speaking as a former educator, this is what differentiates a good coach from a great one. Jorge coaches me to make small adjustments to my posture and movement that impacts how effective and safe the exercise is. He is relentless in this and I truly appreciate that attention to detail because it has made all the difference.

He also sets realistic nutritional goals which are easy to follow. Truth be told, i was afraid that i would have to restrict my diet, count calories and be miserable. The reality could not be more different! Jorge understands that the nutrition needed to suit my lifestyle- I work long hours and days can be intense. So we discussed the best approach and 10 months later I’m still following the nutritional advice. I’ve shed loads of fat (have dropped 2 dress sizes) and it’s still going.

Jorge is the ultimate professional. He does not yell at you or force you through the training session. He knows exactly how and when to push and challenge you. He has patiently answered the hundreds of questions I have had along the way. Every session is different so you won’t get restless and at the end of every session, he makes you feel proud of what you accomplished. I am thankful for all his guidance."

Personal Training client