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About Khai

Khai started his love for physical movement during his days climbing, jumping and running around playgrounds as a child. From there, he took up Muay Thai and barefoot running as his first foray into “serious” fitness.

He realised that many experienced injuries of varying degrees within the practices and this resulted in him taking up an education path into Physical Education and Sport Sciences. Adding weightlifting and strongman practices to develop strength and power, he never forgot his love for movement at the playground and took up Parkour as a progression for moving around his surroundings.

Khai is a trainer and student of multiple movement systems. From overcoming obstacles through Parkour, building strength and power in Strength and Conditioning and developing a good physical ability through different bodyweight movement skills, Khai uses these systems to bring an individual towards their best physical version of themselves.

What he offers is to help one become better physically, mentally and spiritually through a combination of various modalities all while staying injury free. See how you can lift heavier, strike harder, run faster, jump higher, balance better and fall with style towards your best version of You.


  • Diploma in Physical Education and Sports Science
  • MovNat Trainer Level 1
  • Animal Flow Instructor Level 1
  • ADAPT Certified Coach Level 1
  • FIT Muay Thai Trainer Level 1
  • Physical Education Officer under MOE (10 years)
  • Parkour/Movement Coach at ADD Academy (3 years)
  • Parkour/Movement Coach at Superfly/Ministry of Fitness (2 years)
  • Fitness Professional at Aileron Wellness (3 years)

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