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About Kare Psychology

Kare Psychology is an organization that provides individual and group psychotherapy and assessment. It also supports local schools and grassroots-based organizations, providing presentations and workshops to parents, students, and the community at large.

Connect with Kare Psychology on their website and Dr Laura on her LinkedIn.

Dr Laura

Dr Laura Ruesjas-Lukasik

Dr Laura Ruesjas-Lukasik earned a Doctorate in Psychology (PsyD - Clinical) degree from California Southern University, USA. She is licenced as a clinical psychologist in France and a counsellor registered in Canada.

She helps adolescents, adults, and families to move through conflicts, navigate difficult situations, and develop healthy coping skills. Her work includes the diagnosis, identification, and treatment of various psychological conditions, and psycho-educational and psycho-emotional assessments.

Dr Laura works with clients focusing on identifying problems and addressing underlying issues, enabling long-term positive change. Her experience living in several countries, as well as her ability to speak fluent English, Spanish and French, allows her to connect well with clients from different nationalities. She offers individual and family psychotherapy, as well as children and adolescent group therapy. Dr Laura’s approach to working with clients is strength-based, integrating several modalities, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Trauma-focused therapy, and Psychodynamic.

Dr Laura is the founder of Kare Psychology, an organization helping individuals, supporting local schools and grassroots-based organizations, and providing presentations and workshops to parents, students, and the community at large.